Nouveaux First Mini Hunt-Help us find the loot!



++TP to Nouveaux++

As our merchants were setting up and landscaping, some mangy, scurvy pirates (aaarrrr!!!) descended upon us and tried robbing us all! Perhaps they were attracted by the collective bodaciousness of our SLelf and decided to come and raid, well, now we are in trouble!

We know these are not very smart pirates because they dropped a few things along the way…so we need you to help us find it.

Help us Find the Loot!

The goodies are in the treasure chests…finders keepers!

The loots are all underwater, if you are not the ‘walking underwater’ kind, there is a free swim HUD on the Tiki Bar:


Here’s a list of what they nearly got away with:

(Note: Loon’s item is pending, due to previous hunt box’s script error and she is away for a wedding today. It shall be in soon!)

~lpt~ for Nouveaux Mini Hunt

XTC Moon Frame for Nouveaux Mini Hunt

Color.ful - Stars for Nouveaux Mini Hunt

Olegun - batik owl handbags for Nouveaux Mini Hunt

[{Loon}] Tattoo for Nouveaux Mini Hunt

Pipit for Nouveax Mini Hunt

Pixicat's Squidipus for Nouveaux Mini Hunt. :3

(A few more to be…

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