Buddy, My Valentine

Hi everyone!

Valentine’s Day is coming…who is cranky? 😀

Buddy & I

If you despise the idea of Valentine because you don’t have one, I’d say you should define Valentine’s Day! Anything and anyone can be your Valentine. Chocolate as your Valentine date? Why not? It’s definitely better and more satisfying than most men. XD

And having totally imaginary relationship with a rockstar is totally acceptable. Did you know I’m married to Johnny Depp? Oh, you didn’t?

It’s ok, he doesn’t know either.


My Man is away working on Valentine’s Day so I will only have my dogs to cuddle with. My SL Valentine is Buddy. Isn’t he a handsome lad? I’m sure you know where he is from by now seeing that the blogosphere is bursting with this cutie and his brothers and sisters, but I’ll tell you anyway COS I CAN. You can get yours from Birdy at The Men’s Department this round. It’s called Boston Buddy and as you can see, I’ve named him just that…not because I’m lazy, but because it is an apt name. It comes with a HUD to change its’ HOOD, geddit? Geddit?

My Buddy is a Puggy with a HUDed Hoodie. Such gangsta, much pug thug, wowe!


I’m in too much love with this guy, haha. Just look at that face!

And hey, why don’t you treat yourself this Valentine with the Prudence Dress from Pixicat? The Prudence dress in Valentine colour (this one) is only available between 11th-18th of February, so be quick! If pink is not your thing, the regular Prudence release in 6 different colours later today (13th Feb) should have something to suit everyone’s taste.

I would ramble more, but it’s nearly 1am now and my bed is seducing me to no end…


Location: Cantrip de Savor

Dress: Prudence Dress in Valentine (limited time) – Pixicat

Camera: Vintage Camera (Roses) – Pixicat

Bracelet: ✤Lavished Pearl Leather Bracelet – Diamante Jewelry

Shoes: Ribbon Ballerinas in Cream – Enfant Terrible @ Enchantment 

Pug: Boston Buddy – Birdy @ The Men’s Department

Hair: Tamora – Chemistry

Skin: Ria – Belleza


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