Ma petite couturière

Ma petite couturière
Elle est pas haute couture
Mais faut voir quand elle coud
Des ourlets à mon cœur

Ma petite couturière -2* Post processed. Raw image here.

“My little seamstress
She’s not haute couture
But you should see her when she sews
The hems to my heart”

Des trous dans les tricots
Et les bas qui s’effilent
Au fil du temps tu vois
Passer sur la machine
Finis les travailleuses
Bonjour les plasticiennes
L’heure est aux dépensières
Aux abeilles en guêpières

Ma petite couturière - 1
*Post-processed. Raw image here.

“Holes in knits
And frayed stockings
Over time you see
Everything’s made in factories
Gone are the artisans
Today you have “artists”
The hour belongs to spendthrifts
Bees in bodices”

Damien Saez – Ma petite couturière

Viva la revolution!

‘Gone are the artisans’. There are times I feel it is a little bit tragic that we lost a charming cottage industry like tailors and seamstresses. I love modernity, but sometimes it feels like we’re trading off more than it’s worth it, don’t you think?

I’m feeling rather nostalgic these days for some reason I cannot explain. Getting old, perhaps? Egad!

Anyway, on to the credits, my lovelies…


Structure:  dion skybox – llorisen (group gift)
Inara Lamp (Sea) – Lark
Vintage sewing machine – Kuro tree. – junk
Spool Stools – MishMish
industrial coffee table / dark wood – oyasumi @ The Mens Department
Toronto-Study books – Bazar
Bon Voyage – Folded Clothes (gacha) – Tres Blah
Hydrangea Bunch – Apple Fall
Sofa – XT Creations
craft room – crafts on the go beige (gacha) – Second Spaces
Ashdon Pillow Basket – Trompe Loeil
L’Atelier couture set (Couture rack, fabric rack,  cabinet & vintage desk) – !! Follow US !! 
The Fabric Shop set (Shelf of Bolts, Racks of Rolls, Dress Form, Work Desk) – Dysfunctional Designs
starry mirror (colors) – tarte
Lone Dove Wall Art – Pixel Mode
wall clutter – floorplan
bulletin board –tarte
Boutique Pinboard (aqua) – {what next}
Anti Gravity – Mix 2 – Pixel Mode
Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Fashion) – tres blah


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