One of Us!

They didn’t say ‘Bring Us to Your Leader’. Instead, they took one look at me and said…

“You’re one of us!”

One of Us* Photo minimal post processing, raw shot here.
Pose: Defying Gravity #2 – Nantra @ Futurewave
Astroporks and planets – MishMish & !Ohmai @ Collabor88 || ✤Moon Chair – XTC @ The Surreal Complex || Memories Cloud – Sway’s

While I’m relieved, I’m a bit offended. Does this mean I am porky?

How is everyone this weekend? Good, I hope! Have you guys been to C88 yet? These Supernova set from MishMish and !Ohmai are too damn cute. You know you’re in trouble when the two of the most kawaii creators on the grid decides to join forces to attack of the kawaiiz. These Astroporks and mini planets are way too cute to pass up.


Because the pic above is pretty dark, here’s a style card of what I wore. I completely forgot about the wings though. >_< The wing is from the Scrap Imp Gacha Series by Contraption, still available to play at Contraption mainstore.

One of Us - Style Notes Lola Space Dress – The Horror! || Lavished Pearl Leather Bracelet – Diamante Jewelry || Hisih pearl Fantasy Globe Ring – Diamante Jewelry || Bangle Shining Metal & Flowers – [glow] Studio || Platform Sneak – Green Camo – Adore&Abhor

Speaking of porks and porky, I have been quite porky lately. I’m feasting on Maccas’s Double Chocolate Fudge McFlurry as we speak.  The weather here has been absolutely hellish and I have no guilt feeling about digging into several of these. (Maccas is McDonalds to you normal humans)

If you think of someone else while you’re eating calorie-laden food, did you know that the calorie transfers to that person? So, eat with abandon while you think of Angelina Jolie.

Nomnomnom! 😀

I’ve had a hectic week of work, so I’m going to be quiet while I attempt to chillax and battle insomnia. I shall ramble some other day, you lovely people. For now, I wish you happy shopping and thank you for still stopping by even when I have been quiet lately.

You guys are the best!


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