Arcade Junky!



Who is excited? Because I am! I am a certified and confirmed Arcade Junkie and I’m not willing to go to rehab. No sir.

When I logged in a couple of days ago, it was just a normal SLday…til I receive notice that junk would be in the Arcade this round. I think I peed a little…I’m so excited and happy for them! Congratulations, junk!!

Getting into Arcade is a big deal and if I wasn’t already blogging for them, this machine would wipe me out of my SLavings…I mean, just look at this!

Arcade Junky!Structure: Enakai Wavebreaker – Trompe Loeil @ C88
Everything else from junk’s ✤Morrison Bedroom Set Gacha @ March 2014 Arcade!



The Morrison Bedroom set is available at March 2014 Arcade (opening tomorrow, March 1st) and only 50L per play. The RARES are the iron bed and the leather chair. 😀 And in case you don’t see it very clearly, here’s the gacha key!

I’m going to clean my Objects folder now, in preparation for the Arcade. I’m also going to be a bit absent this weekend from a combination of RL and a bit of SL work+Arcade inventory hell, so if I don’t see any of you prior, may the Gacha Gods smily upon ye and may the Gacha Odds be Ever, in Your Lovely Favour.  \(^o^)/

Onward, my gacha gladiators!

March 2014 Arcade Shopping Guide
March 2014 Arcade LM


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