Sometimes, Tea is The Answer

Tea Time

How is it that a lot of things in life can be solved with tea, scones, crumpets and cakes?

I could ramble…but I have been mentally exhausted this week with things outworld and inworld.

My Man came home today and we had afternoon tea before dinner. My stress just melted away with every delicious sip of tea and every little bite of cheesecake.

Or maybe it was just having him home, haha.

He was watching me taking this pic and his remark was “wow, that looks too real.” Haha! Props to the creators, I guess! I wish he would be interested in SL one day, but the absence of things to kill and goals to accomplish makes no sense to him.

(I’m pretty sure there are combat sims in SL that could whet his pixel bloodthirsty appetite. But since my SL existence is pretty boring, I’m the last person who could explain this to him effectively, haha!)

I’ve been getting new followers, readers and Flickerites lately. So, I’m going to spend the next few days relaxing and catching up with everyone. Please don’t freak out when you see me mass-liking your stuff, I’m not stalking, I’m just catching up…honestly. (MWAHAHAHA!)

I have an Arcade post closer to Arcade day. Keep your eyes peeled!  Uh, awkward. Just as I posted this, I realize tomorrow is Arcade eve so…an Arcade post coming tomorrow! LOL. I can’t keep track of time anymore, wow.

I’m ready for bed, so let’s get on to the credits, my dearies. ^_^


  • Structure: Monaco Apartment – Apple Fall
  • Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed
  • Fat Lil Bird Perch – MishMish
  • Oolong Teacup Planters (gacha) – ARIA 
  • Antique outdoor set – Warm Animations
  • oddity vases. earth. – junk
  • strawberrycake – vespertine
  • Tea Time – Tea and Crumpets RARE (gacha instore)- tres blah
  • Tea Time – Savory Tier RARE (gacha instore) – tres blah
  • Pastry Mania – Pastry Puffs (gacha instore) – tres blah
  • tea for two set (tea pot and tea cups) – keke
  • Clementines Bowl – Teawood

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