Oh WOW. Has it really been 9 days since I last posted? RL was kicking me in the butt and I clocked a 60 hours workweek this week. I’m still getting used to new responsibilities, but I’m getting there. 😀

Work-life balance? What is that mythical creature?


Structure: ✤Home Office – Kuro @ C88.
Light: ✤Feels like heaven ladder – Kuro || ✤Dreams Come True Frame-::A&A:: || Curtain. blankets hanging – Zigana || Furnace-Standby Inc || Alegra wavy shelf – ARIA || ✤Rekka Drawers- Post Cards – Serenity Style
From Arcade Gacha, March 2014 (direct TP to machines) : ✤morrison leather chair – junk @ Arcade || ✤morrison bar table – junk @ Arcade || Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts- Scarlet Creative @ Arcade || Ruffled Rug – Apple Fall @ Arcade || Reading Pile – Apple Fall @ Arcade || Mountain Lodge Deck Chair – Scarlet Creative @ Arcade

C88 is now open for a new round, and I’m wondering if it is mocking me, because the theme this round is ‘Back to Business’. It looks like the home designers have plotted together to create ‘home office’ sort of pieces.

Luana of Kuro is one of the Guest Designer this round! \(^o^)/

This seems like a strange recommendation, BUT you need to check out the roof of the Home Office from Kuro. No pic of it because I wasn’t sure how I would convey my obsession with the roof without coming across as cuckoo. I even thought of taking videos of it, and the only thing stopping me right now is the fact I’m remembering I’m a home blogger, not a roof blogger. LOL


Structure: ✤Home Office – Kuro @ C88.
✤t frame light.- junk @ The Mens Department || ✤Office couch – Kuro @ C88 || Sawyer Shelf – Standby Inc || Toronto Curtain – Bazar
From Arcade Gacha, March 2014 (direct TP to machines): Ikat dhurrie rug *indigo*, Trunk table *truck art* and Patchwork cushion *lotus*- Zaara @ Arcade || bookstacks, green suitcase books – vespertine @ Arcade ||Bric-a-Brac Desk -Books- aisling @ Arcade || 

When I rezzed this house, all I did for a few long minutes was to cam on to the roof every which way, play with every WL under the SLun and just watch the materials in action.  The light bounces. *cue slow violin* I do so love materials in action and I love creators who take full advantage of it!

Vendor ad for the house here. The unobtrusive switch near the door enables you to change the wallpaper or toggle the ‘Open/Closed’ sign on the door.

I find myself growing jealous of my virtual self as I was decorating this home office.


Kuro @ C88! (sold separately):
*all review copies* Office Couch (texture change) || My favourite chair (texture change and 2 version) || My favourite desk (scripted and unscripted!) || Desk lamp || Table clutters – Stack of books, book, stamp rubber, polaroid holder, pencils jar, paperclips
Wall shelf: Sawyer Shelf – Standby Inc || Bric-a-Brac Desk -TypeWriter- RARE – .aisling @ Arcade
Side shelfstorage cart / silver – floorplan @ Arcade || Flynn’s Corner Radio – Standby Inc @ C88 || Lunch Bag – Kuro @ C88 || Row of Books – {what next} || Books – Apple Fall

It might be a manifestation of my work-stress, but I found myself chatting about work with several people today. Basically, I was on the premise that sometimes, it would be cool to go to work in your jammies (when you are self-employed). But some of my friends who do work from home were intent on smashing my fantasy: apparently, working from home is not all it is cracked out to be but shhhh, I refuse to believe it.

When you work from home, you go to work in pajamas.


No. Don’t tell me otherwise. I don’t care what you say. XD

Have pity on my overworked soul.


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