“Semoga malamku tidak lagi jadi medan airmata,
Menusuk segenap kalbuku.”
Ghazal Untuk Rabiah (Ghazal for Rabiah)

(May it be that my nights will no longer be a city of tears,
Piercing my entire being.)

GhazalStructure: Cartagena Casa – United Inshcon (note: not mesh)
Desert couch – Dysfunctional Designs @ The Fantasy Collective, til 14th March
✤oddity vases. earth. – junk || ✤Wooden vases – Kuro || Marrakesh Vase – Meshworx
Inara Lamp – Lark || Bird cage – 8f8
From Arcade Gacha, March 2014 (direct TP to machine): Trunk table *truck art*, Copper frangipani bowl *white*, Patchwork cushion *lotus* – Zaara @ The Arcade || Ruffled Rug, New Arrival Painting – Apple Fall @ The Arcade || 

Kilauan intan berkelip-kelip di langit tinggi
Dan cahaya menari-nari di langit biru
Tidaklah dapat menenangkan perasaanku
Yang merindukan kehadiranmu kasih

The sparkle of diamonds in high heavens, and
The dancing lights on blue skies,
Cannot quell my yearning
for the presence of my Love.

Sometimes, your soul just need a bit of feeding. Before I bore you with my rambles, I’d like to point out that the Desert Couch from Dysfunctional Designs is available until 14th March at The Fantasy Collective. It’s texture change–you can change the base, wood part and the pillows independently of each other. It’s awesome!

After 14th March, you will need to wait at least 3 months before the items can be released at the participating stores…and in some cases, maybe never again! Which means if you want that couch, you will have to wait until May before Dysfunctional Designs can release it instore, so go, go, go to TFC! You can see a preview of available items for this round’s TFC @ Elysium Hynes’s Pinterest.

Ramble time, scamper for the exit now! XD

The lines above are about the only verses I could translate properly from one of my favourite Malay songs. The song is in Malay language in its purest form, set to Arabesque beats and the words are so divinely poetic, more than I could do justice with in English translation. 😀  I tried my best not to take away the original meaning and wording, but I may have butchered it somewhat in my effort. Also consider the fact that Malay is not even my first language, and that I haven’t spoken it for ten years now. Yeah, that long!

That shouldn’t stop me from professing my profound love of this language now, should it? 😀

Like most ghazals, it is subtly spiritual in nature: it seems to be about earthly love, but the more you listen to it, the more you realize it may be a metaphor for a higher state of love (i.e God, nature etc). And I may be biased but I do believe that Malay and Indonesian language are one of the more poetic languages in the world. ^_^

Alright. Babble done. You guys can get on with your SLives now, thank you for reading!

I love you all, if I could write a ghazal in English for all of you, I so would. ❤


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