Calm Kitchen

Spring KitchenPost-processed. Raw here.
Structure: Olisipo Skybox – Kuro
Toronto Kitchen – Bazar || Roux Coffee Station, Roux Coffee Shelf – Cheeky Pea || Clean Sweep Set – Second Spaces || Arizona Bathroom Trash – Bazar || Bric-a-Brac Desk -Paper Trash- .aisling. @ Arcade March 2014 || Baguettes – vespertine (currently close for re-landscaping) || Grocery Bag – Tartessos Arts || Provence Table & Chair Set – JoHaDeZ || Hydrangea Bunch – Apple Fall || Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter – Organica || Belted Shelf – PILOT || ✤Cotta Herb Planters, Mossy Herb Planters (sold separately) – A&A || tea towel ladder – floorplan

“If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” So the saying goes.

It’s finally Friday! Is everyone excited? I hope so. There are plenty of events opening tomorrow, so I imagine the organizers and merchants are in a flurry of panicked activities today. Here are some of the events opening tomorrow (March 15th, Saturday):

  • Skin Fair
  • Kustom9
  • The Garden
  • The Theme Park
  • Genre

Madness! They’re all fighting for your Lindens, are you ready? 😀

I find it easier to keep up with all that is happening in SL through one source: Elysium Hynes Pinterest board.  This week I finally sat down and tried to figure out Pinterest and…what can I say? I’m in serious danger of another addiction. LOL.

I can’t tell you how many times Ely’s board has saved me time and money…and sometimes also help me out in inventory sorting. I’m actually slowly making my own gallery of things I own, using her boards. 😀

So, after all this, why exactly a pic of a kitchen?

You mean, other than the fact that I wanted to decorate the kitchen of my favourite skybox?

Well, see, I always find that when my life is going haywire from a busy schedule, the kitchen is the best place to be. Where I can just pour myself a bit of tea and sit down in peace to collect my thoughts and compose myself. Manifesting my RL into SL? Definitely.

I also wanted to do something using some of the older releases. In SL blogging community, it is usual to just blog all that is shiny and new, and why wouldn’t we? Creators are constantly creating and pushing the envelope with each event they are in, it is only natural for us to snap up their quality goods.

So while we prepare for all the new things we will face in these events tomorrow, I figured, let’s say hello to some of our not-so-new items. Make them useful again, instead of just sitting there in our inventory. 🙂

Only one thing in this picture is a new release, and that is the tea towel hanger from floorplan. The release was announced in the group just as I was about to snap this pic and I just thought it was perfect timing! 😀

Happy shopping, lovelies, and may you clutch your pearls tightly and your purses even tighter with all these events on the horizon!


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