Birds & Blooms

Birds & BloomsOrchidsKalopsia at TGGS || ✤Spring cups  – KuroThe Theme Park || ✤Red Dragon Snap –  ::A&A:: || ✤Butterfly Love Gacha (Pink) – ::A&A::

From Forest Spring Event (<–use this LM, the LM after the credits are for the mainstore) || Dream Catcher Chandelier (Rosewater) – 8f8 ||  Vintage Birds Gacha (Mister Moondust, Mister Herbie & Miss Cloud) – 8f8 ||  Tree Stump Table, Wooden Pine Trees and Wooden Trees (gacha items) – Hideki ||  Yukka Bottle – ILO

From The Arcade (each LM will tp you straight to the machine): Bubbleblooms (Pink) – 8f8 || Mountain Love Plant in Pot –  Scarlet Creative || Calla Lilies – Apple Fall || Copper frangipani bowl *white*/*pink* – Zaara  || Travellers Desk – Camera – Consignment

Spring is well underway, look at all these items I’ve hauled from everywhere!

This week I experienced another instances of blurred reality. You know how you have Spring over that side of the world, it will be autumn here in the land of Vegemite? It doesn’t feel like autumn yet. The sun is still beautiful, the birds are still happy and while our nights might be a bit chillier than usual, our days are blazing hot still. I was about to plan a Sunflower gardening bed before realizing it’s actually Autumn my part of the world! Haha.

But let’s get on to the items and events, shall we? There are a few events sprouting and blooming in SL at the moment. Some just starting, some ending soon. Let’s start with the ones that just bloomed!

Orchids Vase

The Gallery Gift Shop has just opened for a new round, and you guys need to check out these Orchids from Kalopsia, they are stunning! The pic is from Kalopsia creator’s Flickr, and I suggest you follow her to keep an eye on all the amazingness that is bound to come out from there. 😀

You can buy one orchid for 75L, or the fatpack for 200L. Now, to buy one or all? Each of the vases are colour change, so no matter which one you buy, you will get all the colours pictured here. The differences are in the blooms: orchids dipped in gold, silver, natural pink or natural white. So pick your poison or just get them all for 100L cheaper!

Have you been to The Forest Spring Mini Concert yet? The event is as cute and intimate as the event name suggest. Make sure you enable audio on because the parcel music stream is quite nice, befitting the theme.

Forest Spring Concert Mini-Event

Only a small number of designers, but all with a stellar track record of quality. Hideki’s gacha is charming, and I’ve used the table and the little trees decor here. One thing to note before you play the gacha though: I noticed Hideki have a different approach with his gacha items. As in, once the gacha is over, the items may be released as a normal release in store.

Now, is this good, or bad?

Forest spring concert Mini event

That depends on you, I guess. If you like the idea of gacha and gifting it to your friends, then this is a good idea. If you abhor the thought of pumping money into a machine trying to win that rare, then I’d say save your lindens now and wait for it to be released in store. The pros and cons in general? His gachas are usually priced at under 100L, so you can get quality items cheaper. But if you’re someone who have the habit of playing a gacha continously to complete a collection, I’d say skip this and wait for it to be released instore.

One event that will end soon is The Arcade Gacha event. I’m a bit sad, I love Arcade and waiting 3 months for the next one is excruciating!

8f8 - My Imaginary Garden @ Arcade March 2014The 8f8’s machine this time around is My Imaginary Garden.

It seems like 8f8 is also on the ‘Cute Defensive’ because for the Forest Spring Mini Concert event, the gacha items…cute vintage birds! If you don’t fancy playing gacha, then grab the Dream Catcher Chandelier. Each bulbs can be turned on and off independently of the other. 😀

8f8 - Vintage Birds and Dream Catcher Chandeliers

Phew, this post was a bit extensive than usual, wasn’t it? Now I’ve done my bit in pre-shopping and spreading the news, it’s now time for your purse to wail. 😀

Happy shopping and happy weekend, everyone! ❤


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