LTD Magazine March/April 2014 – Out now!

LTD Magazine Mar/Apr 2014 OUT NOWThe March/April issue of LTD is out now, and it is full of amazing goodies!

Cover image from Editorial Clarity’s Flickr. 

Published by Editorial Clarity and Apple Fall, you will be assured the pieces selected and the stylings are of extremely good taste. 😀 Take your time to savour the words and visuals, this is not a magazine to be devoured in one sitting. Read it today, read it tomorrow, read it whenever…don’t rush it! 😀

As usual, I spoil the readers of this blog, and therefore, here are the breakdowns of what you can find in this issue. I’m not going to link you to the specific pages…because I’d like you to leaf through the magazine yourself. This issue, credits are not done on top of the photos, which in my opinion is so much better. It cuts the visual interruptions and the clutter. All the credits are done as index, so I would suggest you open the mag in two tabs:  one for the mag you’re reading and one for Index reference. The index is on page 178. Now, let’s get on to the delicious contents!

The Cover Story 

Sienia Trevellion of Lark, written by Mozart Loordes. Visit Lark inworld!

Events Showcase:

Sera Toyoska interviewed Flutter Memel & Izzy Bereznyak, the duo behind Atelier Kreslo. Check out the latest edition of Atelier Kreslo inworld!

VeronicaLynn Parx brings you Behind the Scenes of Paradise Lost, a theatrical production by The Basilique Performing Arts Company. Paradise Lost premiers on Saturday, April 5th. Check out the AMAZING trailers here.

The Designers this issue, and their secret to Brand Longevity in Second Life.

Styling Inspirations

And launching this issue:

“Art Scene” curated by Quan Lavender and showcasing art pieces in Second Life. We don’t just tell you, we show you! So after you read the spread, head to the the Gallery Shop to purchase the pieces for yourself!

And no magazine would be useful without the visuals, so here’s the Flickr stream and blog to all the amazing Photographers for this issue!



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