My Name is M. Miss M.

Well, hello there, cactusflower!

I may or may not be talkin’ bout da cactuz.

Welll hallo derrr cactusflowah!Pose: My Summer – YoGa Poses
Dress: Miss M – Junbug @ The Boutique || Clutch: Princess Clutch – Junbug || Gloves: Opera Gloves (Slink Applier) – Adam & Eve  || Hair: Ruby – Catwa

Have you picked up this Miss M dress for yourself yet? It’s available at at The Boutique for this month’s Minimal Noveou. Juno decided to walk the extra mile to minimally call this dress….Miss M.

Don’t ask.

Since it is ‘Minimal’ theme, I beelined to the most beautifully minimalist sim I know of and that would be ISON mainstore.

My Name is M. Miss M.

Pose: Female Pose G1 – Sari-Sari
Dress: ✤Miss M – Junbug @ The Boutique || Necklace: Bolo Tie – ISON @ The Arcade March ’14|| ✤Clutch: Princess Clutch – Junbug || Gloves: Opera Gloves (Slink Applier) – Adam & Eve || Hair: Ruby – Catwa

 Look, there’s me trying my best to look appropriately feh~shun forlorn, as befitting many feh~shun model nowadays, you know? Putting on that look where you’re sad your favourite pet mosquito died of pneumonia. So sad… {;___;}

I kid. I do have legit reason to look so. Because this dress, let me tell you, have given me more grief than Instant Crush. Unless you’re in the mood to flirt, this might not be the best thing to wear.

With Instant Crush, men were more straightforward. “Nice butt!” they’d say.

Miss M

With Miss M? Some of the ones I’ve had to deal with were along the lines of “…wrapped up nicely, I can’t wait to unwrap that”, or “…bow to the butt”, or “are you a present for me?”

This gentleman made a bit of extra effort:

“Lady, it’s not my birthday yet,” he IMed out of the blue. Then he added a winky emoji. “But it could be with you around.”

Oh maaaan.

The prize for the cheesiest, funniest line I have ever encountered in SL will have to go to this guy, though.

Sometimes, I wonder if the more you cover up, the more alluring you are to men…

So ladies, if you’re in for a good time, maybe pick up this sultry dress for yourself at The Boutique, hmm?


5 thoughts on “My Name is M. Miss M.

  1. oh! u changed your WP theme – apparently I loss the following when u did that ! strange
    Anyways back on tracks now !

    • Oh no! I didn’t know that will happen…;__; I just chose one, preview and clicked.

      And this is why I’m a techie’s nightmare. D; And thanks for re-following, you might regret it. Mwahahha!

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