My Mountain Lodge

Once again, I suck at title-ing my post. But that is of little importance right now because now, I want to show you THIS:

Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge...OMG!


A few days ago, I finally won the RARE Scarlet Creative’s Mountain Lodge from the Arcade. I WAS SOO HAPPY! But I was also scared to open it because you know how LL is sometimes. The moment they make you happy, LL system error can swoop in and grab your happiness away from you, like a benevolent yet sadistic dictator. So I let my house sit in my Inventory until I determine that SL is behaving itself today, and I summon the guts to finally rezz this inworld.

I promptly ‘locked’ the build. There was no way I’d let myself have any ‘build’ accidents on this baby.

Mountain Lodge: Landing

 I’m a big, big fan of Charlotte Bartlett’s architecture and palette. I was super stoked to be interviewing her for this issue of LTD mag. (I swear, I do write for LTD, despite my vocabulary today being somewhat teenager-ish, yo!).

Prior to this, I was thinking of putting down the Trilby Dacha on my little island, but as usual, I never got around to do anything. It’s a ‘thing’ all homebloggers understand, I think. We are notorious for collecting and blogging every homes and furniture under the SLun but we never actually have a proper house down. Lots of houses to buy, lots of furnitures to see, yanno?

Mountain Lodge, detailed

 But I think for this one, I shall make an attempt to have a proper SL home.

What I love most about Scarlet Creative’s prefabs are the possible stories behind it. Look at this detail: chipped paint. What’s your story for this? How old is this house? It must have been lovingly restored again and again, but obviously you can’t reach that far up to fix that wall.

Let’s just leave it there. It’s character. 😀

I am looking forward to decorating this part of the house.

Mountain Lodge: Sunroom?

Prior to winning this, I had painstakingly built myself a sunroom connecting to the house I was using, from a mish mash of things in my inventory. It wasn’t very pretty, but it would do. Like a confusing joke, Lady Luck decided I had done well, and gave me the luck of winning this RARE.

Or maybe Lady Luck pitied me.

SLife, so unpredictable, eh?

Waterview for sleeping and working...YES PLEASE

Anyway, if you want to try your luck at winning this, you need to go to the Arcade before it ends on 31st March. This TP should bring you straight to Scarlet Creative machine. And if you want to see it with your own mesh eyes, have a look at a rezzed copy at Scarlet Creative, here!

 I desperately need this home in RL.


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