Arcade Addict Anonymous


My name is Zee and I am an Arcade Addict.

/me pause to hear everyone’s greetings in reply.

The Arcade Photography Contest - Zuleicca Resident

+Very obviously and definitely post-processed. Raw here+

I’m not here for a cure or a rehab.

I don’t need one. Cures are for the weak and rehab are for quitters.

But let me invite you to my back patio and show you how an Arcade Addict lives. 😀

Last day of the Arcade today! You have til 11.59pm before Arcade goes into hibernation mode for another 2 months so go, go, go!


From the Arcade (TPs you straight to the machines) Not from the Arcade:
  • Apple Fall: Pillow (Script), Calla Lillies
  • Half-Deer Kerfluffle Sheep: Mr. Bubbles & Kerfluffle Sheep Apricot
  • Pixel Mode – The Happy Gardener’s Large Clay Pots, The Happy Gardener’s Small Clay Pots
  • aisling’s Bric-a-Brac Desk: Books, Typewriter RARE
  • O.M.E.N Dear John: Toy Plane, Diaries & Love Letters
  • SORGO The International Set: Passport Pile B, World Passport
  • Tres Blah Spring Living: Pillow (Ram), Radio (Blue)
  • Vespertine Bookworm Nest: Green suitcase books, book of scientiest
  • Zigana: plant . four
  • Lark Farmers Market: Manchego Cheese (also, Lark’s packaging used as decor).
  • junk The Morrison Bedroom Set: ✤cushion pile.
  • Consignment Travellers Desk – Camera
  • Scarlet Creative: Mountain Love Plant in Pot
  • 8f8 My Imaginary Garden : Bird Skyloft – Yellow
  • Zaara [home] : Patchwork cushion *elephant*



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