Home Show 2014: Booths LM

EDIT, 5/5/2014: The Home Show is now closed for the year.

Hi guys!

Just a quick post today. The Home Show is open! It’s like my heaven, haha. \(^o^)/

There is a set landing point at the Home Show, which can make things a bit frustrating if you’re trying to locate something. So I’ve compiled all the booths LM for your convenience. FYI, this will not tp you straight to the booth itself, but it will bring up a beacon that you can walk towards/cam to. UPDATE: How to bring up a beacon?

I may have missed some. Also, at time of writing, not every store have set up yet. But Home Show goes on for the whole month, so no rush! The LMs will also be on my sidebar for the duration of Home Show.

Ely will probably finish pinning this later, so keep an eye on her blog for the announcement.

Hope this helps, and happy shopping! ^_^


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