The Twilight Forest Cafe

SL is being an unfriendly chap today, which is cramping my style because I kinda want to shop.

But in a way, it’s good, because I’ve been itching to show everyone this sweet little cafe!

The Twilight Cafe✤Forest Cafe – Kuro @ Home Show 2014
Sonny chair (Safari) – junk || pumpkin crates – floorplan || ✤Round Cafe Table – Kuro @ Home Show || ✤Metal Chair (4 colours) – Kuro @ Home Show

Have you been to the Home Show yet? If you haven’t, you should! A whole sim full of homely goods, you’d be crazy to not leave with one or two things in tow.

Or in my case, gazillion things.

Anyone want to come around and sort my post-Home Show inventory?

This sweet cafe is Kuro’s Forest Cafe, available at the Home Show! Absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer, so I plopped it in my Springy/Summerish area in Nouveaux. We already have an Organic Cafe in Nouveaux, with vegetables sourced from the rooftop garden. This Cafe is just behind it, and it serves alcohol so if you’re underage, just stay in the Organic Cafe, mmkay?

Twilight Cafe: Chess and Tea Snacks ✤Round Cafe Table – Kuro @ Home Show || ✤Metal Chair (4 colours) – Kuro @ Home Show
snow white cupcake – Poche || tea for 2 (dayset) – keke || Chess Set – Theosophy

We have tea and cakes, for you to refresh yourself when you challenge someone to a chess duel.

Or you can grab a beer, it’s self-serve. See that 11th Hour Tube Beer Tap inside? It serves beer! (Click just above the 11th Hour logo).

Twilight Cafe: BarJar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil || “The Tube” Beer Tap (Weissbier) – 11th Hour || ✤Crates of Beer – Kuro @ Home Show || Travel Magazines – 22769-Bauwerk || Toronto Kitchen Sink – Bazar ||  ✤Hapiness kitchen (black) – !! Follow US !! ||  Australia Clock – Alouette || Vintage Travel Posters (texture change) – floorplan || Arizona-Bathroom trash bin – Bazar || Bric-a-Brac Desk -Paper Trash (gacha) – aisling || ✤street sign portobello rd – junk @ The Mens Dept || World Map Art – Bazar @ Home Show ’14 || Stonehenge & Torii Gate (gacha) – PILOT

When good friends come over, you offer them a beer, right?

That’s just how we do it over here, mate.

Twilight Cafe: Travel & Reading CornerRuffled Rug (gacha) – Apple Fall ||  Ikat dhurrie rug *indigo* (gacha) – Zaara [home] || Vintage Travel Poster – floorplan || ✤street sign electric ave – junk @ The Men Dept || ✤street sign. portobello rd – junk @ The Men Dept || ✤decker shelf (TMD Special anniversary gift when you buy the couch!) – junk @ The Mens Dept || eiffel tower marquee – floorplan ||tabletop forest (spring/summer) – Second Spaces || Skyline Relief Block Tokyo (gacha)- DIGS || Balanced Bookshelf – Alouette || bookstacks (gacha) – vespertine || Patchwork cushion *elephant* (gacha) – Zaara [home] || green suitcase books (gacha) – vespertine

If you’re not the kind to get rough and rowdy, there’s a corner for readers and aspiring travellers. 😀

Sit in that corner and no one will bother you, not even the drunks.

But if you’re up for a yarn after a whole day of hard yakka?

Over here, mate.

Twilight Cafe: Dinetelephone box couch- junk @ The Mens Department || Square Cafe Table – Kuro @ Home Show || Metal Chairs – Kuro @ Home Show || Bottles Crate – Kuro @ Home Show || Vintage Travel Magazines – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Beer & Bacon Cupcakes – LDG || Kitchinette strawberrycake – vespertine || Beer Bottle – Theosophy || brown sugar maple cookies – vespertine || Burger Meal – PILOT || Blossom Vase – Dysfunctional Designs || Chinese Lampion – 8f8 || Bird Cage – 8f8

I’m leaving this rezzed inworld for the whole month, or maybe til the next month…who knows, really. It started out as a decorating project for blogging but I think I like the way it looks now.

So if you’re interested, come over and visit! 😀

++TP to The Twilight Forest Cafe Inworld!++


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