Spring Turnip!

Spring Turnip!


Have you heard the news?

Turnip’s Homes is having a storewide sale!

Turnips Homes Spring Sale Event April 11-18


So I ran over and grabbed a few things because SALES!

I think we’re familiar with Turnip’s Skydomes now, right? But in case you are not familiar with it, let me just tell you that the skydome is the duck’s nut. Sure, there are other skydomes out there, but do they do this?


You need to have the Basic Skydome package before you can use the other ones (Spring, Winter, Enchanted etc). But even if you’re on a budget and can only do one for now, the Basic is worth the buck! 3 basic skies, 3 basic terrain or if you’re swamped for choice, 3 presets to make your SLife easier. Haha.

I’m showing you 2 HUDs. On the right is the Basic HUD and the left is the Spring Dome HUD so you can see the difference between having just the basic, and also having the add-ons. 😀 In order to use any other add-ons, you have to have the Basic first.

And for the duration of the sale, the Basic Skydome is only 750L!

Spring Turnip

Here’s the skydome with one of the other Spring sky. ^_^ Isn’t it pretty?

I badly want to ramble, but I need you guys to go and run over to take advantage of this sale. XD

So whatcha waiting for, nibble your way to Turnip’s Homes!


Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 – Turnip’s Homes

adjusted with Turnip’s Spring Texture Collection – Turnip’s Homes

Turnip’s Every Season Birch Tree – Turnip’s Homes

outdoor wall – Shutter Field @ Home Show

lazy sunday chair .cloud (gacha) – Zigana

Hanging Drapes – Kalopsia @ Home Show

Branch light beach (gacha) – Zigana

Branch light sun (gacha) – Zigana

sonny chair. safari. – junk (*sim currently closed for remodelling)

Turnip’s Fiesta Mosaic Pots – Turnip’s Homes

blanket storage crate – floorplan

With love pile – Zigana

rug . mahavra – Zigana

1 Prim Yellow Flower Patch – Persnickitty

The Flies Fence  – Turnip’s Homes


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