It All Starts With a Smile

It All Starts With...a smile

Location: It All Starts With a Smile
Pose & Origami Crane:vespertine (doesn’t seem to be available anymore)
Hair: Elsa – Diva @ The Season Story || Bow: ✤Lonely Bow (Gacha)- Moon Amore || Top: Sophia Blouse – ANE || Skirt : April Skirt – Junbug for We ❤ RP

When you smile…

  • ….you start relaxing, as your body releases endorphins…
  • …you will look more attractive…(apparently so, according to some studies. Doesn’t work for Joker, I believe).
  • …while you are on the phone, it ‘shows’.
  • …more often, you live longer. (Also might not work for The Joker, but I can’t be sure).
  • …you reduce your blood pressure. Maybe I should start smiling all day at work. XD

Kaelyn Alecto’s sim “It All Starts with a Smile” would certainly make you smile and reduce your blood pressure. I’ve had a particularly tough and hectic week, and with this Easter break, I was looking forward to just chill out.

I LOVE sim that incorporates open space. It’s friendly to the graphic card and doesn’t make it feel cluttered. It All Starts with a Smile is so peaceful, if I didn’t have to be somewhere, I would have stayed longer.

I’m definitely returning.

Now, to show you my face. XD


Skin: Ria – Belleza || Eyes: Deep True Grey- Mayfly || Hair: Elsa – Diva @ The Seasons Story
Eyeliner: ✤Bathory #1 – The Horror! || Lashes: Tattoo Eyelashes Type 2 – LDG (no longer available)  || Lipstick: Lip Balm Barbie – Buzzeri
Facial piercings from Diamante Jewelry (sold separately) : ✤Enigma set || ✤Double Nosering || ✤Fairytale Nose Butterfly (Gacha)Collar: ✤Freyja’s Collar – Junbug @ Love & War Gacha || Hair bow: Lonely Bow – Moon Amore

If you have followed me long enough by now, you’d know that it is on rare occassion that I do this kind of post. Mostly because I’m not very interested in things that I cannot use to decorate a home. But today as I was unpacking my Objects folder (shudders), I came across all these things that somehow would work together (TO ME ANYWAY!) and so, here they are.

Usually when I see facial piercings posts, it seems to be styled by avatars with certain ‘street attitude’, which is something I cannot pull off. Imagine me being all gangsta? You guys will laugh your phat azzes off!

However, what interests me in this Diamante Jewelry’s Enigma Facial Piercing set was that delicate eye piercings, so I decided to put it on and see if I could get away with being sweet and pierced. Haha.

The Enigma Facial set comes with the lips piercings, eye piercings, the nose piercing in the middle and the forehead piercings. Depending on your facial structure, you might need some prim-edit skills to reposition some of the piercings to fit your own face. These are made up of several linked parts, so you will have to ‘edit linked’ instead of editing the whole thing.

It wasn’t hard though. The only parts I had to edit was the two piercings under the lower lips, and the two piercings on the inside corner of the eyes. The rest fit me straight out of the box.

Opening a few more boxes revealed that I do have another pair of noserings and also a cute butterfly, both from Diamante Jewelry. So I thought what the heck, might as well put it on. 😀 My neck was feeling a bit bare so I slapped on Junbug’s Freyja Collar from The Love & War Gacha event.

I think I’m a confused mess..lolol. This is what happens when you make a homeblogger dress up, but I hoped I pulled off the ‘I may be pierced, but I’m still sweet!’ look.

Now. To stop torturing you guys with my ‘sense of stylez’ and get back to home blogging. XD

✤ = Blogger’s Copy


7 thoughts on “It All Starts With a Smile

  1. Wow that is a very pretty place! I wonder if she would let me pop up a pup tent and live there? I see nothing wrong with a Cao living out to pasture, do you? And I get you on the piercings, yours turned out really nice Zee. Now me? I always look like I was hit in the face with a tackle box.. 😉 enjoy your chill time! ♡

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