Munching Tomatoes in Frisland

I love Wikipedia.

How did we learn before Wikipedia? (Yes, ‘learning’ part is sarcasm).

Welcome to Frisland

When Berry, Honour McMillan and Cait first blogged about Frisland, it wasn’t even opened yet. But Berry referred to the Wikipedia entry about Frisland, a reading so enthralling that led me to Google searched and read everything I can find about Frisland…so much so that I forgot I was logged on.

I was AFK for the longest time. There’s just something about the concept of an ancient lost island that is so enchanting!

I find Frisland eerily enchanting, eerily peaceful and comfortably melancholy.

What am I even saying?

Perhaps the Germans have a word for it…

Frisland: What's Behind This?

Open spaces put little details in stark contrast. Less is so, so much more. And embracing the ‘less is more‘ method to landscaping a sim takes a certain talent.

Frisland is cleverly sparse.

Is this a quite and contemplative place? Perhaps.

I guess on the surface it might seem so.

But not to me. I was overstimulated in Frisland.

Frisland: The Windmill

Little things were starkly contrasted. I have most of the items in Frisland in my own inventory. However, everything suddenly becomes new to me because my visual experience is not so cluttered.

All those little things magnified tenfold.

Like that wheelbarrow next to the windmill.  My brain went into overstimulation mode. Why is there a wheelbarrow near the windmill? There is a farm area of some sort in Frisland, but certainly not big enough that one needs to use a wheelbarrow? Heck, I don’t see any warranting the use of a windmill either…

I love how this place makes me think and concoct stories in my head. Like, there is a bigger, hidden farm here somewhere. I MUST FIND IT. 

Also, the windmill is empty. No stocked grains in sight. DUNDUNDUNDUN!

Frisland: Muching Tomatoes

The WL that was chosen for this sim is quite eerie, yet very effective in pulling me in. The WL made the vegetable garden popped. I have this vegetable garden set myself, but somehow here it seems like the tomatoes are juicier. So I imagined my avi plucking a juicy tomato under the eyes of this very judgmental goat right here…

The Disapproving Goat of Frisland

Eeyeball me again, mate, and I’ll make sure you’re dinner!

Ignoring the displeased goat, I carried on my way to explore the area…

Frisland: Where are the Kids?

…I have that playground set. At one point, my friends and I were hamsters on merry-go-round…fun times. But in Frisland, the merry-go-round seems a lot more sinister.  There’s a mailbox…but it’s not anywhere near the building or the footpath. In fact, it is near the riverrocks. WHY?

I cautiously took another virtual munch at my pixel tomatoes and moved on…

Frisland: Chess with No One

Chess. All laid out with two beers on the ready. How long has it been like this? Why are beers set out? Who are we waiting for? I fancy a match…but there is no one here…

I have this sense of ‘something is waiting for something’ while I’m exploring Frisland.

This, this is a bit….

Frisland: Heed the Warning, or else!

Wait, what?

Oh wow, dude, this ain’t cool!

I love Frisland! Here’s another BIG reason why I think it rocks: this sim is not a lagfest.

I’ve been spending some time exploring lately, and while a lot of places are really beautiful, they are also extremely laggy. Heavy uses of mesh landscaping items with 1024 textures + seasons change scripts intact are usually the culprit.

Frisland, on the other hand, uses good ol fashion terraforming. The terraforming work is brilliant: hills, boulders, terrains…most are terraformed instead of relying on mesh landscape kit.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of Frisland with everything intact:

Frisland: A Bird's Eye View

And this is Frisland at Draw Distance 32, thus eliminating nearly all other objects and leaving just the landmass intact:

Frisland: Terraforming Brilliance

Having said that, I understand why people would prefer to use kits instead of terraforming. Terraforming takes a lot of patience. It is something I myself do not have enough patience for, and I make up for by drowning everything in water.

It must have taken a lot of patience and experience to change a flat piece of metaland into something so inspired. So here, find out more about the creative folks that brought metaverse Frisland to life:

So here’s your taxi, and watch your steps!

TP over to Frisland

(Please heed the warning sign, I would like you to return from there full-fleshed avi, instead of skeletons).


15 thoughts on “Munching Tomatoes in Frisland

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    • Yes, me too! If a sim is too laggy for me to even move on low (which I usually am), I get frustrated and just leave.

      I even commit the ‘laggy landscapping’ sin myself since I really have no terraforming talent…but I shall try to correct this in the coming months. 😀

    • I would say there is no need to pack food since there’s plenty fresh fruit and veggies…but if you don’t like getting judged by a goat, I’d say you have the right idea, haha.

      And thank you, Cougar! ❤

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