The Colour of Summer

The Colour of SummerVintage Floater – Kuro @ OneWord || Xiong Mao/Panda- I’m on a Boat! and Small Origami boat – Half-Deer || Balancelle Swing – aisling @ The Season Story || sonny chair safari – junk || Single Pansy Planter – Alouette || Comfy Armchair – Kuro || Books – Apple Fall
Woods Pond Patch V2 – Inverse || Rocks & Cliffs Dover sets – Fanatik Architecture

Berry’s Color Meme

Meme instructions: Blog a picture of your favorite color or a variety of colors that you like. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

Another Berry Meme time! Totally cheating on this meme because there isn’t one specific colour nor are they a variety of colours, and you can’t say anything because it is winter here and I have the SAD, ok?

I’m calling this colour ‘vibrantly hot summer sun‘. Also, I’m spelling colour with a ‘U’ because that is also how we spell things here, OKAY?


Because I hate winter with a passion, that’s why. Last Friday, I had to crank up the fireplace for the first time this year, and I was not happy, Jan! Winter brings out the worst in me. I am solar powered, so the shorter sunlight in winter just messes up my fuses.

I’m not entirely kidding about ‘summer’ colour, though. I feel it’s not one particular colour; it’s an amalagamation of every vibrant colours…it’s just IS. Like, a ‘sense colour’. For example, if I were to say ‘Egypt colour’, what pops into your head? I’m assuming golden, sandy hues. It’s not yellow. It’s not brown. It’s not exactly golden. It just…IS.

Do you have a superstitious mother?

I do.

I was texting with my Mum while I draft this. She makes a point to TEXT ME IN ALL CAPS TO REMIND ME ABOUT the eve of each Xuan Kong changeover. She knows the probability of me caring about it is about 0.00321% but as with mothers everywhere, they will ignore what you won’t do and tell you to do it anyway.

What’s Xuan Kong? I’ll let Wikipedia tell you. In case any of you are curious, this is this lunar month’s Xuan Kong Fei Xing. I can’t tell you if it works or not because I think it’s crock I only ever do it when the threat of my family coming over for a visit is upon me. 😛 I mean, no mum. I do this all the time. I’m a good daughter.

Anyway, I told her I feel unusual having two preferred colours, one being my favourite and another one being a habitual colour. Like I’m practicing monogamy or something. My favourite colour to see is green, but my habitual colour is red. As in, most things I buy end up being red. She texted back:

“No. It’s your kua colours. That’s just how it is.”

More crock but if you’re interested, this is your colour thingy according to your Kua Number. The title is Color Your Car According to your Kua number, but you can ignore colouring car and just use it as a guide to life in general, if you believe that kind of thing. My Kua number is 9 which is my favourite number…and as you can see, green and red is my colour! And my car IS green!

So maybe not so crock after all, eh?


13 thoughts on “The Colour of Summer

  1. CHEATER!!! But I am totally with you on the cold and winter. I am a true Florida girl and absolutely NEED my sun and warmth. Also I hate teal cuz it looks dumb on me. 😛 Love the pic btw, looks so relaxing. ❤

  2. No, it’s crock 😀 According to that me having a light green car brings wealth and success. I’ve had a light green car since 2007 and I am still not wealthy or successful. I BLAME IT ALL ON THE COLOURS AND NOT MY OWN ABILITIES/EFFORT/WORK ofc.

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