My Little Corner

My Little CornerStructure: Birdwatcher Nest – {vespertine}
Vintage lace curtain (cream) – Soy || Chinese Lampion – 8f8 || Bird Cage – 8f8||  Adventurer Wire Shelf – Sari-Sari ||
Bernadette Desk – Alouette || Paintbrush holder – Half-Deer || A Cup of Spring – Half-Deer || chalk globe-floorplan ||
✤fan light. silver. – junk @ TMD || Beary Spring Planters – Half-Deer|| house terrarium/arctic-{vespertine} || ✤pipe magazine rack. bronze.-junk @ TMD 

Can’t believe I have been in this metaverse for a little over a year now. still felt like yesterday.

Since 29th April 2013, SL has been my little creative corner. It’s relaxing and most importantly, it makes me happy.

Do you have a corner?

When we were growing up, my brother and I had our own little corner in the family library. The thing with this corner was that it was a ‘silent’ corner. Whenever we got into one of our petty tussles, Dad would roar “GET INTO YOUR CORNER!” and we would stomp off and stand in our little corner in silence. For as long as we were in that corner, we were not allowed to speak, nor were we to be spoken to…by ANYONE. For as long as we were standing in that corner, we only exist to each other. Everyone else will ignore us.

So in the end, it became ‘us against the world, and if we don’t make up, there’d be nothing left’.

Realizing this, it usually takes one of us a few minutes to step out of our corner and apologize to the other one. If you don’t accept the apology, you cannot walk out of your corner, but the person who walked out to apologize to you is free to go and live their life. XD

And so there you are, the bitter kid standing in silence in your little corner, while your sibling is having all the fun in the world, free from standing in his corner.

It taught us three important lessons in life that we carry over to adulthood:

  1. You need space and silence to think after a blowup. More often than not, you will realize that whatever it is you are fighting over can be solved without fighting.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to step out of your corner to apologize. After all, whether the other person accepts your apologies or not, you are already free from that burden and you can ‘go out and play’ with clear conscience.
  3. It will do you well if you don’t hold grudges…because after making that apology, the other person is free and you are the only one suffering from your grudge.

My little corner nowadays have one trait that is similar to the corner of my childhood: it is the corner of silence. It’s the place where I go to to reflect. It’s a place where I stomp off to and the Man will know not to hang around it until I have cooled down. I love my little corner of childhood for teaching me how to be a good person, and I love my little corner in adulthood for keeping me that way (I hope).

Another life realization?

You really can’t compete with a psychology-trained father and a Montessori-trained mother.

They read my blog although they don’t quite understand how I do those pictures, haha. But I hope when they read those words, they can sigh in relief, look at each other and say “honey, I’m glad we did not raise monsters”. 😀

In fact, I think Dad may be super thankful about not spawning devil kids this month, MWAHAHAHA. 😛


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