Let Us Eat Cake

Let Us Eat CakeStructure: Mountain Lodge Mesh House – Scarlet Creative RARE (past Arcade gacha)
Toronto Dining table – Bazar ||  The three lamps – Kuro || Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix(warm colors)*b-HPMD || Tangled Cherry Arch – Studio Skye || Garden Tree06 – brown(yg) a – HPMD || string lights-floorplan

Remember a few weeks ago, I was so excited about winning the RARE Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge?

Well, fast forward to today and I still haven’t done anything to it…except for this part. Why is it so hard to decorate my own place? I have never been able to completely finish decorating my own space, and yet I still go and decorate everyone’s place and blog homestuff in between.

April was so hectic, both RL and SL. So I haven’t been able to do anything to my own home until now.

Since returning to work a few months ago, I have to admit I lost touch with a lot of things. This week, I found out three of my friends are pregnant thanks to baby shower invites. Just last month, two of my friends have given birth to bouncy, healthy and cute babies. So that’s 5 new families.

Most of my friends are like me: in our late 20s now. The age where people start to settle down and spit out spawns. The thing with ageing is that you are more secure in life, have more money than before, more confident and less neurotic.

Our friendship dynamics have changed. Certain activities took a backburner as we started getting into relationships, start having kids and so on. 10 years ago, going out on a Friday night means going out on a weekend bender with no memory of it on Sunday morning.  Brunch means last night’s pizza, washed down with a cold beer or two before dressing up to go out again.

Nowadays, our gatherings consists of going to each other’s house for an easy meal and banter, or going to a nice restaurant and getting home by 10pm. Wine is now the alcoholic beverage of choice, and roasts, salad and cakes are the food we surround ourselves with. We have different worries: no longer are we neurotic about our romantic relationships, we are now discussing financials and holidays. We actually ‘wake up’ in the morning, instead of ‘coming to’.

Ageing is not so bad after all.

Sometimes, friends moves through different stages in life on a different speed. I’m lucky to have found and kept friends that are going the same speed as I am. We mellowed together and have managed to be friends throughout our old hedonistic period and our current domestication period. Even though I have no plans to start a family any time soon, my friends are completely accepting of that and I am more than willing to be that indulgent surrogate Aunt to their kids.

I have decided that May and June will be my time to calm down and for the past few days have been writing ‘absent’ NC from several projects I’m part of. I’ve avoided most shopping events that are going on right now. I need to sit down and relax, do what I love the most: logging in to homeblogging. I need to slow down. Hopefully by the end of June, I’ll be refreshed enough to tackle things again.

I want to take my sweet time to decorate this house I love so much. Despite being a homeblogger, my own home is never finished. I have random prims rezzed, random boxes on the ground. Everytime people ask to see my home, I am embarrassed to say it’s empty and messy. LOL Like, how can you even say that, as a homeblogger?

Perhaps I am choosy when it comes to my own space. I always know how I want my home to look like. I want it to be cozy, a place where only my closest friends and I can hang out. It needs to be open: no curtains. Full view from inside out, from outside in.

Water. Sunlight.

It needs to be a place that reflects all my loves in both lives: my Man, my friends, my pets, my curiosities, my gardening (which I suck at in RL but I excel at SL LOL!), my love for writing and travelling, my need for anything non-City, because I’m so damn sick of City life.

This house is perfect for that.

It’s perfect for us to laze around in on a lazy weekends…to eat cake. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. ❤


11 thoughts on “Let Us Eat Cake

    • Haha, did the realization hit you as sudden as ours did? Ours was about 2 years ago, when we made plans to go to the Farmers Market on Sunday…at 6am. LOL There was this epiphany of ‘look at us, sober on a Sunday morning and being all grownup and sh*t’ lol. It was funny at that time, but also so sad and scary!

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