May Most Fair

May most Fair
Structure: Rustic Pavilion-Trompe Loeil
Larkin Set Hanging Chair- PILOT || Birdcage –Trompe Loeil || Bookworm Coffee Table – Consignment || ✤fan light. silver. – junk @ TMD ||Verna lather sofa with cushions – ARIA @ TMD || Mums in Bucket – Mudhoney || Garden Tree06 – HPMD || Single Pansy Planter – Alouette

There is this Chinese saying that goes:

“You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head. 

But you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair.”

In other words?

We should try not to wallow.

Apparently, May is generally the happiest of all months?

Very short post today because I’m trying to prevent birds of sadness from building a nest in my hair at the moment. I’ll let them fly for a bit. Maybe perch for a day or two, but I’ll shoo them off before they start nesting, I promise! 😉

Compared to most people on this planet, my ‘birds of sorrow’ is so trivial that I shouldn’t even be having them. Before I alarm anyone, it’s nothing serious. The Man has flown off for another month of work and I’m just missing him around the house. And before you feel sorry for me, it’s just an hour flight away.

So in the scheme of things, I’m luckier than most.

Moments like this is when I count my blessings. I know where he is, I know when he is coming home and most importantly, I know he is in a safe place. I cannot imagine having a loved one on military deployment and I admire the mental and emotional strength of those left behind.

I’ve also been away from SL for a week so I’m dreading the ‘birds of all da things” nesting in my Objects folder! XD


6 thoughts on “May Most Fair

  1. I always dreamed I would build a house along the shore, a tiny house, maybe 1500 square feet, but I want about a 2000 square foot porch on it. One with a kitchen, fire place, living area, pool and bathroom, so in the spring, fall and most of the winter I could live out there. This is much of my dream. Love it Zee! ❤

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