Wine of Happiness

“Come sit with me!

Let us drink the holy wine of happiness.”


Wine of Happiness
Structure: moroccan gazebo – [hate this] || Base: Rock & Cliffs Dover #4 – Fanatik Architecture
✤Noor Bed – Tartessos Arts || ✤Noor Bedside Table – Tartessos Arts || ✤Noor Hookah – Tartessos Arts || Haran Console – Lark || ✤Noor Tea Set – Tartessos Arts || Leather Globe – LISP || Inara Lamps – Lark || Fancy Telescope – Dysfunctional Designs || 8 Palms – Tobias Novi

“This is love: 
to fly toward a secret sky, 
to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. 
First, to let go of life. 
In the end, to take a step without feet; 
to regard this world as invisible, 
and to disregard what appears to be the self. 

Heart, I said, what a gift it has been 
to enter this circle of lovers, 
to see beyond seeing itself, 
to reach and feel within the breast.” 


May your weekend be filled with happiness, joy and love. ❤


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