Paint My Love

Been around the world
then I met you girl
It’s like coming home 
to a place I’ve known 

Paint My Love
Environment: Rolling Hills Small Skybox Environment 5.2 – Landscapes Unlimited
Genoa Canopy-DIGS @ The Garden
Plants: Grass (Group Gift) – FANATIK || Tangled Cherry Arch – Studio Skye || Enchanted Woods V2 – Studio Skye

Paint my love
you should paint my love
it’s the picture of a thousand sunsets
it’s the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

Paint my Love – Michael Learns to Rock

Paint My Love (Collage)
The animals: Baby Sea Monster – Half-Deer || Resting Deer – Half-Deer
Easels: Paint me a Picture Set (Stool, Easel & Jam Jar of Paintbrushes) – LISP || Easels+Canvas set – vespertine 
Table, left: Wood Slab Table –Sari-Sari @ Kustom9 || Mason Jars & Notepad – Sari-Sari || Yukka Bottle – +ILO+ || Watercolor Painting Cockatiel – Intrigue Co. || ✤Spring cup w/flower orange – Kuro ||
Table, right: ✤Log Table – Kuro || aquarell colors – vespertine || Deer Paintbrush Holders – Half-Deer

Aaaah, the song ‘Paint my Love’ from Danish band Michael Learns to Rock is an oldie but a goodie. But dammit, am I showing my age? XD If you were born after the year 1998, it is best you don’t check out that YouTube link there, hahaha!

Alright, I’m going to do something different today. I don’t usually tell you about the items I use in pics but today is an exception. ❤

Right, let’s start with The Genoa Canopy from DIGS at The Garden this month…phwoar, look at that draping! All three drapes are texture-changeable separately, and you can even change the texture of the metal.

The Wood Slab Table from Sari-Sari is currently available Kustom9 and you can change the texture of the rug. It originally came with its own clutter, but you can unlink all those clutters so you can decorate it your own way.

 The Paint me a Picture Set from LISP is one of the earliest thing I bought in SL. Like my favourite song, I return to it again and again and let me tell you why. See the pic on that canvas?

I painted it.

No, for ‘real’! I clicked on the canvas, chose ‘3 minutes’ (cos I’m impatient as hell) and with great artistic concentration, my avi sat down and started painting a picture while I decorate around her. When she finished painting 3 minutes later, I was offered a copy of the texture so I can use it as decoration or gift it to friends. Before I spin myself out talking about my virtual self in third person, I’ll let the Marketplace listing explain to you in more detail.

The Cockatiel Watercolor Painting from Intrigue Co is something I don’t remember buying, but I supposed I did somehow somewhere sometime and I’m glad for it. 😀 I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it is installed with painting poses, and you can choose from poses for men, women and even toddleedoos.

Ha, so I just realized that with my shopaholic tendencies + my unpacking procrastination, everySLday can feel like Christmas, eh?

Happy shopping!


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