Spring Cleaning Weekend + News!

Spring Cleaning Weekend
Structure: Store-08*-++HY’s ++(Limited time only!)
Painted milk bottle (bee) – Kuro || Little Brior Rose R&C Reed Diffuser – !Ohmai
chalk banner –Second Spaces || Clean Sweep set – Second Spaces || ✤Spring crate (Orange) – Kuro || geekbook/cloudy (gacha) – vespertine || packing box (old group gift) – tarte || Felt Ball Rug – Lark || ✤recycled road sign chair. dumping – junk || New Arrival Painting (gacha) – Apple Fall || Clay Family Potted Plant-MishMish || ✤Mabelle Moose-Alouette @ Funny Puppet Fair

It’s 4am and my English and grammar will be more atrocious than usual. Consider yourself warned. My body clock is absolutely messed up.Thank you, hectic week!

The blog might be a bit wonky this weekend while I’m doing some much needed ‘cleaning up’. I have some outdated links and my ‘blogging for’ page needs to be updated as well…amongst so many other things. I’m toying with the idea of changing my layout and theme, but because I am no genius when it comes to this kind of thing, I may end up breaking a lot of things.

Also, my inventory needs cleaning up. Whose inventory doesn’t, eh?

This announcement kept me up as soon as I decided it was bedtime: new issue of LTD Mag is out! YES!

LTD Magazine May/June 2014 OUT NOW
Magazine Photo taken from Editorial Clarity Flickr

 I was lucky to be interviewing Alessandra of tarte for this issue. 😀 Can you believe that (at the time of writing) she has only been meshing for less than a year? Maaaan.

Thank you Alessandra for putting up with me. XD You can find her blog here, and her Flickr here but better yet, check out her store here!

And more happy news:

Kuro 1st Anniversary


Kuro/Kuro in Motion 1st Anniversary Group Gift! 😀 If you’re a Kuro Journal group member, zip over and pick up your 250L gift card from now til May 28th. If you’re not in the group yet, WHY NOT? Not interested in homestuff? Well, what if I tell you this applies to Kuro in Motion poses too?

It’s only 75L to join, which is a tiny amount considering you will be getting 10% off instore purchases as long as you wear your group tag. Plus, all new members are eligible for the 250L gift card.

With all these numbers, I’m starting to sound like my tax accountant so the bottom line is, you should get this.

 All my Kuro posts are here and be warned that they are many because I ❤ Kuro, mmkay?

Right. Time to force myself to bed.

Have a lovely weekend, all you wonderful people. ❤


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