Just a Peachy, Beachy Kind of Sunday

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Just a Peachy, Beachy Sunday
Platform: Sky Platform Screen v1 – inverse
Structure: ✤Summer Time Hut – Serenity Style
Camping set: Bear Canyon Big Camping Set – {what next}
Palms: 8 Palms 2 Prims  no.2 – Tobias Novi
Walkway: boardwalk ivory straight – alirium || ✤garden bench. red. –junk Kustom9

What’s the plan for Sunday, lovely friends? 😀

It’s autumn/winter around here and the trees are being annoying…all those leaves shedding and whatnots. It has also been raining for a few days this week so my yard and garden is a gunk of yuckiness.

So I spent my all Sunday afternoon doing yardwork, such is my glamorous RL. XD

I think my back is close to breaking. I love gardening…but the maintanence work that comes with it can get lost. Also, when you have two rambunctious dogs, there is no such thing as ‘a nice garden’.

I’m sure my pooches were just trying to help.

Just a Peachy, Beachy Sunday
Bird Cage – 8f8 || Petal Pouffe – Frogstar ||✤tealight bucket. blue. – junk @ Kustom9 || Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter- Organica
✤Guests bed (texture change!) – Kuro @ The Garden || ✤Kira floorlamp (texture change!) – Kuro || ✤String lights curtain (Colorful edition) – Kuro
Hanging Pansies – Alouette ||Gettin’ Jiggy – puzzle – Second Spaces || ✤Backgammon Set – Tartessos Arts ||✤Striped rug –Kuro @ The Theme Park

Remember in the last post I said I was going toclean my inventory this weekend?

Yeah, well….that erm…didn’t happen. (Evidently?)

I discovered a lot of unopened boxes lying around in my Objects folder, that once opened were just screaming to be used. The entire time I was unpacking, I just keep saying to myself “ooooh, this is delightful, I don’t remember buying these!”

It’s like Christmas! So what is a girl’s to do but decorate, really?

As a result of my attempted invo cleaning, I actually have MORE things in my inventory now. On the plus side, I have several more decor set up so I guess my weekend in SL wasn’t that er…unproductive after all, eh?

Here’s me wishing you a happy Sunday. ❤


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