The Faustian Contractor

Devin sighed.

He regretted mentioning the Musical Robot. Now, Miss Aarya Phantomhive is mucking around in his study, inspecting the prototype from every angle.

Nay, the study is not even his. The heiress of Phantomhive Manor owns everything and it is only by her disinterest in what he does off-duty that he came to the illusion of having his own space.

Phantomhive Manor: Devin's Lair
Structure: The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark – Trompe Loeil
The Big Items
Octopus WallDeco (Green) – Pixicat || Spotlight Lamp (gacha) – Trompe Loeil ||Atelier Painting Robot – ~*GOD*~ || Mill Collection Windmill – Consignment ||Verna lather sofa – ARIA @ TMD || Fancy Telescope – Dysfunctional Designs || Steampunk Map Table – =Mirage= || Huckleberry Desk – .:Standby Inc.
On the floor:
Phonograph: Westward Gallop (gacha) – [ContraptioN] || Apprentice’s Essentials-.:Standby Inc. || Mathematics Worksheet – 7 Emporium || Phonograph: Mark II (gacha)- [ContraptioN] || Clutter Book Pile – Kalopsia || t. pipe stool. leather.-junk || Classic Typewriter Red – KOPI || Atelier – Generator – ~*GOD*~

“This is underwhelming, Butler,” she frowned. “Rubbish, really.”

“My Lady, it is only a prototype, as I said bef…” Aarya Phantomhive silenced him with a wave of her dainty hand.

“Animate the robot to play the music.”

It was not an idea to be explored. It was an order to be executed.

“At once, m’lady. I shall get the workmen on to it right away.”

With a huff, The Heiress of Phantomhive turned on her heels and start towards the door, but not before tossing a letter onto the table. “From my maarveloous aunt,” she said, sardonically mimicking her aunt’s ridiculous speech. “Good luck, m’deear.”

Thus dismissed for the day, he settled into his night time role: Faustian Underwriter.

He crinkled his nose and fought the gag reflex as Lady Zee’s cloying, signature perfume assault his senses.

Why does she insist on sprinkling her ‘essence’ in everything she owns? he wondered, as he smooth out the folds of the letter. He needn’t read it, he knew what she was after. Recently widowed for the ninth time, this shameless woman has singlehandedly doomed five future generations with all her contracts.

Faustian Contract
Pic post-processed to blur the surrounding item, but table and everything was not touched.
Table: Steampunk Map Table – =Mirage=
Anciant map scroll with sealing wax – LDG || Noor Scrolls – Tartessos Arts|| Book and Letter –Tartessos Arts || Books and Potions – Tartessos Arts || Noor Scale – Tartessos Arts
Book on the floor: Clutter Book Pile – Kalopsia

Weather here is marvelous, dear,” she wrote. “I couldn’t be more happier! The architecture and the gardens, to die for!”

He snickered, knowing the brazen minx meant it literally.

It is so sweet of the Viscount to invite me over,” she wrote. Aaah, upgrading to a Viscount now, are we? Suppose she has no qualms dooming six generations. “You know how devastated I was dear, about the death of my sweet, sweet Lancy.”

Sweet Lord ‘Lancy’ Launceston was a smelly, porky man with gargantuan belly and a loud belch. He had the single misfortune of being  financially fortunate and without progeny. His downfall was his weakness for tarts; of the edible kind and of the bed-able kind.

His last tart proved to be too…’sweet’…for his own good.

Just as I thought, ‘oh, how poor is my luck’, Devin,” Heh, when did she felt this? When she was drawing up an inventory list of beautiful furniture she inherited as his widow? “…and who should swoop in and save me from my misery but the Viscount himself! Such coincidence!

Map it Out
Huckleberry Desk (linked version comes with desk clutters) – .:Standby Inc.
Toronto-World map art – BAZAR || Star Science Poster – 7 Emporium || Star Map – 7 Emporium

Viscount Wyndham, famous for bringing exotic furniture from all his voyage to fill his sixteen palatial mansions. Nothing this woman do is by ‘coincidence’.

I am personally inviting you and my loving niece to come visit me here and meet the Viscount, before he sails off to the Borneo, a fortnight hence. Did you know, dear, that this time this expedition is sanctioned by Her Majesty and he will be bringing a fleet of twenty-five ships! Oh, I do hope the seas would be kind and that they shall return to me safely!

They shall return to me, instead of he shall return to me.

This woman.

Even Hell would not have her.

Grabbing Lady Zee’s account book, Devin flipped through the pages of all her wealthy deceased husband before finally finding an empty sheet on the 10th page. This is where you shall end up, Viscount, he mused. Forever immortalized in La…

And a bell tinkled in the distance, signalling he is being summoned by The Phantomhive Heiress.

Time to be a Butler again.

Inspired by two of my favourite storybloggers in SL! This room was styled as a nod to Devin Vaughn and Aarya Phantomhive. 😀 Make sure you check them out if you haven’t already. ❤

A few days ago on Plurk, Devin lamented his decorating plight after browsing through LTD Mag:


And that sparked this idea and challenge. I’m totally God-modding his character here, because he had no idea this was in the works. So when you finally read this, my apologies, Comrade. I hope I did you and your style justice!

My perception of ‘low Li’ is distorted, seeing I have an equivalent of 1/2 sim to play with. Decors are 57Li altogether, and this is only on one tiny part of the house. What I’m trying to show, however, is that in a SLand where most homestuff items are  made for mainstream consumers, you can always make it darker and steampired with a little bit of imagination. 😀

This story is loosely based off Kuroshitsuji, one of Aarya’s favourite manga. Why is Lady Zee dooming her future generations? Well, when one has no soul, one cannot sign a Faustian contract. So, she has effectively put herself in debt in this lifetime, to be repaid for with the life and soul of her future progeny. 😛

You shouldn’t stand between Lady Zee and her addiction for houses and furniture, I’ll give you that tip.

Now. Any takers for Wealthy Deceased Husband #11? 😉


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