Bohemian Junkyard

“When you’re choosing furniture for your home that’s supposed to express who you are, what you are also saying is you want other people to infer what you want them to infer. What if they see something different? Wouldn’t it be really depressing if you’re trying to be bohemian and instead they see you as Rush Limbaugh?”
Sheena Iyengar

Bohemian Junk
Structure: Scarlet Apple Remedy Caravan – Scarlet Creative
junk wannabe boho @ The Arcade, 1st-30th June 2014 (Direct TP)
wannabe boho. lounger. RARE. || wannabe boho. step shelves. RARE || wannabe boho. drawers. yellow. RARE. wannabe boho. studded chest. || wannabe boho. wall hanging. green, red and navy (separate prizes) || wannabe boho. floor cushion. (four to win) wannabe boho. rug. (three to win) || wannabe boho. lantern (four to win) || wannabe boho. petal mirror. (two to win, metal & wood) ||

That quote made me chuckle. Sometimes I wonder what you guys ‘infer’ off me with all my decor posts. Do you find me a confused soul? Shabby one minute, masculine the next, beachy one day, forest girl tomorrow…and now boho?

Anyway, it’s that time of the year again! ARCAAAAAADEEEE!

Oh, I just love Arcade season. Nothing makes me go pixel broke quicker than the sound of gacha machine inside that damn white building.

During March round of Arcade, junk made a fairly masculine Morrison set which you can still play in store. This round’s items lean more towards the feminine side. Look at all these wonderful junk! I wouldn’t mind living in this junkyard which is good because by the time I’m done with Arcade, I’d probably be living in a caravan. Better a pretty caravan, right?

The wannabe boho set is 50L$ per play. There are a total of 22 boho treasures to win, with 4 being rares.

junk - the arcade june
Pic taken from tab tatham’s Flickr stream.

Arcade opens midnight, 1st June. As usual, there will be a flurry of people trying to get in so for the first few week, do your part and don’t have to get there dressed to the nines. After all, everyone will be too busy playing the machines to be looking at you. Arcade lasts a whole month so there’s no need to rush it.

Direct TP to junk’s machine at The Arcade

My pic up there is post-processed to provide more boho-drama. I’m not going to show you to a raw shot of it, because I’m doing you one better: you can come and visit my setup inworld.

TP to Zee’s bohemian junkyard to see this for yourself! 😀

I’m leaving it there til the end of Arcade, in case you’re ever in doubt of the quality of workmanship. In case you go “ah, it looks nice because you post processed it!” or even more likely and accurate, you’d think “aaah, Zee post-processing is so noob ugly, I’m not gonna play the machine!”, so the best bet is just to show you, right?

Happy gacha-ing and may the gacha odds be ever in your favour! 😀

June 2014 Arcade Shopping Guide


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