Heaven in a Skybox

Structure: Studio Hideaway-City Living
✤Chiara wicker sofa – ARIA @ FaMEshed || ✤Have a cup of tea – Kuro || ✤Thalassa massage table – ARIA @ TMD ||✤Thalassa deco towels – ARIA @ TMD || vintage wire shelf (Black steel) – Soy || RENE Wall Art – Apple Fall || Blossom Vase – Dysfunctional Designs || ✤Inspirational Wall Scroll, Happiness & Peace – A&A || Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil || Cobble Hill Wall Ornament – Trompe Loeil || Chinese Credenza – Apple Fall
*See other pic for closeup and credits of clutter on top of Apple Fall’s Chinese Credenza*

It’s heaven in a skybox! 😀 I love massages and spa, who doesn’t?

I used to be paranoid about it and it took a nearly-expired 21st gift voucher to make me try one. I didn’t want to be half naked with a stranger touching me forcefully, while I am lying on my belly, face down in this silly doughnut hole. (Unless said stranger happens to be Jason Statham *cough*).

Anyway, one visit was enough to convert me. My masseuse didn’t bother me with little chitchats and she had the world’s most firm but soft hands. I even managed to doze off while she was working her magic.

I hope your weekend is as relaxing. So let’s get down to some shopping business: have you been to The Mens Department this round?

I am just so awed by this event each month. I don’t know what’s going on, do the designers challenge one another into a 3d-modelling duel each round or what? Items are even more impressive month in and month out. I don’t make it a habit to ramble about events because I don’t particularly care about them, but The Mens Department is one of my definite top favourites. I’m not a big fan of pastels and florals, which is what a lot of event seems to cater to. In fact, I’m starting to despise it. But with a name like ‘Mens Department’, I am almost guaranteed that nothing in there will be another silly floral thing in 10 soft pastel colours.

Rustic, metallic and gruff, thank you!

Make your man happy, grab the Thalassa Massage Table from ARIA, available at The Mens Department this round. Like most ARIA products, the wood, the leather and the towel is texture changeable which means you can have several different versions of this massage table for just one price. 😀

I know people are excited about this because I was at TMD for opening day and the next day, and each time I was there, there were people asking attendees if anyone was game to test out the massage table with them. I also saw a pair I thought was a couple, because they tried every single animations in it…only to find out they were just strangers helping each other to test the products. LOL. I hope something came out of that ‘testing’ session, hahaha!

Pampered: Clutter
Chinese Credenza – Apple Fall ||✤Inspirational Wall Scroll, Happiness & Peace – A&A || Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil || Aisling Skincare – DIGS || Copper frangipani bowl *pink* & *white* (gacha) – Zaara [home] || Candles and Stones – Tartessos Arts || Tantra Buddha – Tartessos Arts ||✤Thalassa massage table hot stones and oil deco – ARIA @ TMD
*Note: The credenza has been tinted grey for this pic by going into Edit –> Texture –> Color –> Grey. The original colour is faded green*

When I started to decorate this, there was only the massage table and a few towels, because the Studio Hideaway apartment is stunning on its own.

But I found out that there are no such thing as ‘let’s just rezz this and blog quickly’, and slowly the room began to be filled with things. Decorating is the way of SLife, yes yes.

I realize a bit too late that there was a graphic glitch in the above pic. I’m not going to point it out if you don’t notice it, but if you do…please forgive me. ;__;

I have to run to RL for a bit and won’t be on much, but I shall be back in action middle of next week. ❤


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