Welcome to the Beach!

Welcome to the Beach
*Pic post-processed*
Form: Beach Dune kit + Beach sign – Studio Skye
On the beach—–String Lights – floorplan || ✤Spring Shower – Kuro @ The Garden, (opening 15th June) || Bathroom Clutter – bucket of things (girl) & (boy) [old gacha items] – Second Spaces || Drift With Me Driftwood Seat – Half-Deer @ C88 || ✤Changing Tent – Turnip’s Homes || Metal Buckets – PILOT @ C88 || Beach Bag Lava Rock [RARE] – AITUI @ Arcade ||
On the deck——-Bergamot Path – LISP || ✤Thalassa deco towel – ARIA || Summer House – Beach Cushion (gacha) – Sari-Sari @ Arcade || A Fishing Getaway Gacha, Fishing Rod (gacha) – Breno @ Arcade || lemonade box (gacha) – vespertine @ Arcade||
On the raft——-The Raft – Sari-Sari || Hemingway Desk – Standby Inc. @ C88 ||
Sweet summer dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree. 😀

Hello, everyone from the other side of the world! How are you enjoying summer? While you are lounging around in your tighties whities, do you think of us poor souls on the other side of the world freezing in our woolen jacket?

It is summer everywhere in SL, beach themed events are flocking the grid. So what’s a girl to do but toughen up and decorate summer scenes while she shivers under her blanket?

So, let me ramble a bit about the items here.

If you don’t have a beach land but still want to create a beach, try the various beach kits available from Studio Skye. The one I’m using here is the Beach Dune kit. I literally made a beachy area in a few minutes. No messing with terraforming, simple rezz and go. There are also several beach signs with the kit and I’m using the ‘Welcome to the beach’ one.

The Changing Tent from Turnip’s Homes is charming to add an extra bit of realism to your pixel beach. Oh come on, you know you need it on your beach, how else would a shy person change from fabulous mesh clothing to mesh bikinis, right? Why do I love Turnip’s stuff? Two words: texture change.

There is nothing more attractive and linden draining than the fact that you get options when buying one item. The different themed tents are sold separately but with each theme are several types of tent (open, closed, half-open) + textures ranging from clean to dirty, like so:

Change Tent Texture Change
Texture change options for each Changing Tent themes by Turnip’s Homes.
Different themes are sold separately.
Check out the demo tents here.

It’s not just a decorative tent, there are animations included in it for singles and couples. You can test it at Turnip’s Homes demo area for the tents here.

Been to C88 yet? If you’re into beach theme, then C88 this round will have you squealing. If you are into beach theme, fancy yourself a writer AND have a penchant for Hemingway, then maybe you will like this ingenius Hemingway Desk from Standby Inc.

A desk from repurposed boat? Yes please!

Hemingway Desk
Standby Inc‘s Hemingway Desk @ Collabor88 June.
Someone need to build this desk for me in RL…
The maps are texture change.

It’s hard to ramble about summer when I am not experiencing summer…so I guess I’ll leave you guys with some summer facts you possibly don’t care about? Good enough, right?

  1. Mosquitoes have been around for 30 million years. How scientists can figure this out without mosquitoes having exoskeletons and whatnots is beyond me, but that is the beauty of science. Why am I talking about mosquitoes? Er…cos summer = mosquitoes…right? RIGHT?
  2. Eiffel Tower can grow by more than 6 inches in summer due to the expansion of the iron on hot days. Uh oh.
  3. Want to know how hot is it outside tonight? Count cricket’s chirps for 15 seconds and then add 37 = that is the approximate outdoor temperature in Fanhrenheit. This is my favourite factoid!

I could fill up this post with these facts, but you might as well read it yourself here. 😀

I need to jump back under the thick blanket now and dream of summer dreams….


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