Ugh, Monday....
Because of clutter, the credits are at the end of this post.

Seriously, who invented Mondays? What sadistic person decides that our week will start on Monday, after only 2 days off? And what bleeting sheeps thought “ah, that is a GREAT idea, we should all adopt it universally!”

Why is Zee so pissed off, and why is she bleeting about First World problem?

Because Zee has Mondaytitis bad.

Zee should just harden up and get to back to work. Which is convenient that the person in this photo is not Zee, but is Zig, the new m-alt. (Zee is also very imaginative with names, huh?)

He hates Mondays. Coveniently, the Breno-Kuro chair understand this predicament and conveniently comes with Mondaytitis-style poses. Because working on finding poses on a Monday is not helping with Mondaytitis, ok?

There’s quite a bit of clutter in that pic, so instead of putting it in caption like I usually do, I’m putting the credits here in a more organized manner. Because I don’t want you to go all Mondaytitis on me looking for things.

Happy Monday, my lovely ones. ❤


*Note: All “The Arcade” SLurl is direct TP to the machines. Because I love you.

Structure: Junpei Skybox – +ILO+

Things in the middle

  • Framed artwork: photography mechanics print – floorplan (was a group gift, not sure if still available)
  • Curtains: The Arcade Love Curtain – Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
  • Lamp: SLON Wall Industrial Lamp – ANE @ The Arcade
  • Clipped artwork: photo clipped sketch – [keke]
  • Plant: Raquel potted Monstera Deliciosa – ARIA

Clutter things on the Floor: 

Things on the left

  • ✤pipe magazine rack. silver. – junk
  • ✤rusty button clock. – junk (was a group gift)
  • Raquel wire board with art – ARIA
  • Summer House Tree Lamp – Sari-Sari @ The Arcade
  • geekbook/cloudy – Vespertine (gacha)
  •  modern coffee table – mijn.home (stretched into working table)
  • ✤[Breno&KiM] The Monday Haters Chair – Kuro in Motion
  • Raquel pencil holder – ARIA
  • sketchbook – floorplan
  • Cup of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove – Soy @ TMD


Things on the right

  • ✤fan light. silver – junk
  • Murrow Table – PILOT
  • wall paper – floorplan
  • packets of coffee – Vespertine (find it in the Cafe side of the store)
  • ✤Candy glasses (stacked green) – Kuro
  • Coffee Bunsen burner: Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove – Soy @ TMD
  • Fridge: Mini-Polar (Blue) – Lark @ The Arcade



7 thoughts on “Mondaytitis

    • Hahaha, I was feeling lazy with the chronic Mondaytitis so had Zig took over. XD Thank you, danaf, hope your Monday is better than mine. ❤

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