Summer Dreamin’

Summer Sands, Summer Sandals
Beach + Sign: Beach Dune Kit – Studio Skye
Feet: Slink Female Feet, Flat – Slink || Manicure (Slink applier): Half Moon Gradient 2 – Hello Dave
Sandals: Sea Horse Sandals – Pure Poison
Lighted Pathway Square – Half Deer || Seahorse Candlestick (gold) – BALACLAVA!! || Drift With Me Driftwood Seat – Half-Deer @ C88 || Bali OFFERINGS Basket – 8f8 @ The Garden || repurposed shipwheel (aqua) – tarte @ C88


For my insomnia today, I decided to take a pic of my current favourite footwear. It’s the Sea Horse Sandals from Pure Poison. 😀 I also practiced fooled around with post-processing this photo.

As you can see, I’m not doing too well cos er…the sky is two different tones. I’m going to leave it there under *cough* ‘artistic license’, mmkay?

Part of the solution to a problem is admitting you have a problem and needing a solution for it. So people say. I will have to tackle my post-processing lack of skills problem later on. For now, I need to work on my sleep problems.

In about an hour’s time, I am heading to the Docs  to get a proper diagnose. Getting a bit sick of all this insomnia business. Hopefully in the weeks to come, I’ll be snoozing about summer, eh? 😀

Wish me luck! ❤


6 thoughts on “Summer Dreamin’

    • Mhhm! It’s my favourite right now, so creative. 😀

      I’m hoping the diagnose is more helpful than a few years ago: “here are some sleeping pills”. -_- Gotta nip this problem once and for all!

      And thank you, my lovely Cao. ❤

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