Summerfest 2014: LMs

Summerfest 2014: Direct LMs for Shoppers. :D

Summerfest is here again! \(^o^)/ Update: Summerfest 2014 is now over, see you next year!

A few months ago, I published the direct LMs for each participants’ booth at The Home Show and you guys find it was useful especially when there is a set landing! So, I decided to do the same for Summerfest. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to spend your lindens. XD

Summerfest 2014

NOTE: At the time of writing and publishing, Summerfest is not open to the public yet. The event opens 12am SLT, June 22nd. Do not go before this date. The event closes July 6th. Do not go after this date. So please refrain from raging at me if you go before or after the time and dates listed above. XD

Summerfest '14 Official Store Map
Summerfest ’14 Official Store Map

Summerfest 2014 Flickr Group

When I was there, I noticed the set landing, which means double-click teleporting would not work. This is frustrating to shoppers, but necessary to have the event appear on SL Destinations. I’m not sure if the set landing will be on for the duration of the event or just done for the first week, but either way, here’s how to use these direct LMs to bring up beacon for events with ‘set’ landings.

 Now that is out of the way, let’s get on with the LMs!

Update: Included the X/Y/Z co-ords after each creator. You can just copy and paste this list into a Notecard inworld and bring it when you’re in the Summerfest sim. Bring up Map (Ctrl+M), input the X/Y/Z coords and cam over to the beacon. ^_^ No more tabbing to shop.  ❤


8 thoughts on “Summerfest 2014: LMs

  1. The LM’s will defntly be a help; else so frustrating when you have to go searching through a whole sim of shops . thumbs up 凸 (^_^)凸 to you Zee !

    • Thank you! Yes, I find it useful when I’m lagging and just want to grab something. 😀 Everything is so well-made though, I had to stop myself from buying everything!

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