Harmony Jazz Club

Inspired by the ever classy Harmony. ❤

Harmony Jazz Club
Structure: Clock Tower Sky Box – Pixel Mode
From Kuro @ Rhapsody event (til July 12th): <–set landing, follow the beacon
(All are blogger copies, TY Luana! x) Corner Stage || Jazz Microphone || Spotlight || Jazz Corner Bench || Jazz neon gramophone || Jazz Neon Figure
The rest:
Grand Piano – LISP || Oceania Chest Fleur De Lis – Trompe Loeil || ✤World Tour Drum – Tartessos Arts || ✤anarchy chest – junk @ Rhapsody (set landing, follow beacon) || repurposed wheel table – junk || Aeronaut Chair – Trompe Loeil @ TMD || Ezra Ashtray – Second Spaces

Would you believe it if I told you that this is a raw, inworld shot? No post-processing whatsoever to the actual pic. All I added was my signature. All I did for this pic was to turn my graphics to high, adjust the WL to catch these shadows and hit ‘Save’.

This is a testament to the talent of each brand’s creator, with their realistic modelling and brilliant texturing. Oh mesh, how I love you.

There’s a new event in town called Rhapsody, and it’s brilliant! The event is divided into 8 different music genre (punk, pop, country, classic rock, metal, jazz, electronic and disco)  and in each section you will find items specially made to reflect the genre. 😀

Rhapsody is an upcoming music themed shopping event that will bring more than just awesome things to buy (although we’ll have that, too).
Rhapsody will take you into a fantastical, whimsical venue inspired by 8 genres of music as well as a beautiful central area where we’ll host live DJs and musicians to add to your experience. (Source: The Hottie Cooterati site)

You will find Kuro in the super classy Jazz section. 😀 It is set landing at Rhapsody, so if you are using the link I provided, look out for the beacon. The stage, the mic, the spotlights, the bench and the wall neon lights are only a LITTLE sample of what is up for grabs from Kuro at this event. The mic even comes with animations so you can be the singing diva that you are, you minky little thing, you!

So, why Harmony Jazz Club?

Because my friend Harmony Sandalphon is one of the classiest lady I’ve ever met on SL. She is always poised and elegant, always very classy. She has that awesome sense of humour without being silly (unlike the rest of us!). And there is no bar classier than a jazz bar, amirite? She is also a super posh Basilique performer and is knee deep in Paradise Lost production…and is also a RL Performing Arts major, hell yeah!

A few weeks back, we were all supposed to convene to celebrate both her rezzday and her birthday. Trying to organize something that consist of a huge group of people with different timezones and body clock proved to be a monumental challenge, with some of us not able to pinpoint a time (either too late or too early) and when we do, we get our times and days mixed up.

Anyway, things drag on this way and not once has Harmony made any sort of fuss about it, which of course made us feel so much worse. Cos that’s how a classy lady does it; they guilt you with their kindness and understanding. XD

So Herrmerrnerr, this is for you ! ❤ Thank you for always being both supportive and super classy. Hope this tides you over til we manage to kidnap and bodily drag everyone to one spot so we could proceed with the belated birthrezzday rituals. XD


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