Attic Anarchy Monkeys

Attic Anarchy Monkey
Click here to, like, see a bigger picture, bro.
Structure: Equinox Attic Skyloft – vespertine
Front: Makeshift Table – CerberusXing || Rug-O-Rama Gacha ‘cassette tape’ – Bokeh @ Rhapsody || World Tour – Keytar [Shiro] (gacha) – Standby Inc. || Steel Ashtray (from The Reporter Deko Set) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Cigarette Butts (01) – [NikotiN] @ TMD July
Left: Music Poster – Bokeh / Metal – Free gift @ Rhapsody || ✤McLaren Spike Chair –junk @ Rhapsody || Cigarette Butts (04) – [NikotiN] @ TMD July || ✤Old School Cabinet – junk@ TMD July|| ✤stiff little finger lamp. – junk@ Rhapsody
Mid & Wall: ✤World Tour Drum – Tartessos Arts || ✤It’s rock n roll time! clock – Kuro || Marilyn Wall Decor – Breno || ✤anarchy chest – junk@ Rhapsody
Right: ✤McLaren Spike Chair – junk@ Rhapsody|| ✤Floor lamp [Gourd tree] – Soy @ TMD July || 33 1/3 rpm set – Second Spaces || World Tour – The Flying V [Water] (gacha) – Standby Inc.

Dude, garage bands are so, like….normcore, na mean?

We don’t do normcore brada, we’re rebels! We’re the new voice of anarchy!

You feel me?

We’re attic band, brooo. We’re making gold on the ceiling. You ain’t blind, it’s just a matter of time, before you feelin’ it, lonely boy.

So, suck it and see. So, tell me…why’d you only call me when you’re high? And do I wanna know…if U R mine?

Am I not making sense? You not feelin’ me?

That’s cos you’re normcore.

And that’s not cool, bro.


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