Mess Nest

Mess Nest - Click for bigger picture
Bigger size!
Structure: Cabana Blanca – Llorisen || Bed: ✤Imogen Pallet Bed – ARIA @ TMD
Left: industrial lighting – floorplan || ✤Tire Chair – Kuro ||Scattered papers (subscribo gift) – Soy ||Framed Music Poster – +Half-Deer+ / Pop and Frogstar / Classic Rock – Rhapsody’14 freebie by Anya Ohmai, no longer available ||Route 66 Sign (group gift) – 7 Emporium || floor light M05 – ++LP2++
Middle: ✤Imogen pallet bed – ARIA @ TMD || Framed Music Poster Bokeh/Metal – Rhapsody freebie by Anya Ohmai, no longer available || Guitar – Sunburst – RARE (gacha) – Consignment @ Kustom9 ||Guitar – White (gacha) – Consignment @ Kustom9 || Folded tees (subscribo gift) – Soy || ✤vintage boom box [Red] (gacha) – Soy @ Kustom9||
Right: ✤Smith End Table – Casita ||vintage wire shelf (Black steel) – Soy || His Dressing Room set (Coat Hanger & Clothes pile 2) – Kalopsia || Hard Shell Travel Case – Breno || Diving Helmet – Kalopsia || ✤(Un)packing – Kuro @ Theme Park || ✤Honey White Wood Bench – Casita || Palmerston Wall Hanging – Theosophy || Bon Voyage Stacked Suitcases (gacha) – tres blah || Black and White Magazines (from Reporter Deko set) – 22769~[bauwerk]
Note: The items I used from Casita are currently not available instore, I believe she just switched location and haven’t had the time to put out everything yet. Nevertheless, visit Casita and look at what is available. 🙂

This room is looking suspiciously like how my brother’s room used to be.


As much as I love my brother, I am happy we do not live together anymore. XD

I feel like rambling about products today. I’ll talk about some of the things I’m using here, hopefully in a coherent manner.

So let’s start, shall we?

Let’s start with the freebies you can grab now!

  • The paper clutter and the black and white folded shirt on the floor are Subscribo gifts from Soy this month. Best part? Joining the Subscribo does not take up a group space. 😀
  • The Route 66 sign is a Group Gift from Seven Emporium. It is still available now, and group join is free!

Cabana Blanca house – Llorisen

Cabana Blanca Color HUD
Llorisen’s Cabana Blanca’s Color HUD

This room is on the second floor of  Llorisen’s Cabana Blanca build. It comes in 2 versions: with and without deck.

I bought it during Summerfest, but it is available instore now. You can view the demo build here, and if your viewer can view Materials, make sure you turn it on and check out the ceiling. 😀

NOW, the best part of this house is that it is color changeable in parts…or if you’re lazy like me, in whole!



Imogen Pallet Bed by ARIA (available at TMD)

Summerfest may be over, but SL is still in a beachy mood! A new round of TMD is on again, and this Imogen Pallet Bed is available for 200L (PG) or 300L (Adult) for the duration of the event.

Like most ARIA products, it comes with texture change options. There are 4 options for the bedding and geared towards a more masculine color and prints.

In the pic below, my graphic slider is the one between low-and-mid (the second dot) and with everything but Ambient Occlusion Enabled. The WL I used is FSOriginal because I needed the bed to be stark against a white background. Why? Without AO, there are no shadows enabled on my side, so the shading and shadowing in between the folds are all texture work.

Texture Options for ARIA's Imogen Bed
WL: FSOriginal
Graphic slider: Between Low and Mid, with everything except Ambient Occlusion enabled.

BTW? The ‘Sleep’ animation would even cozily encapsulate you under the warm blanket. 😀 Thank you to my twin, B, who is forever testing all the things I rezz, haha!

Vintage Boombox by Soy, at Kustom 9

Hey 90s Kids, remember these? LOL!

I’m using the Soy’s RARE Vintage Boombox for decoration in that pic. It is available at Kustom 9 as gacha, and the commons are Soy’s Tapeman (oh God, the wordplay, brilliant!) for you to rezz or wear. Each common comes with earphones and all three cords options as pictured below.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a pen or pencil. If that sentence baffles you, you’re probably a Millennium Kid and you’re missing so, so, much fun. Hahaha!

It's a SOY cassete collection for K9 July
“It’s a SOY Cassete Collection” Gacha, available at Kustom 9
Source: Soy’s Flickr Stream

People are going all ra-ra on piracy nowadays, but believe you me, we did it too back during the days. You are forever tuned into your favourite radio station with a blank tape. Whenever the DJ announce your favourite song coming up,  you jump from the couch, threaten everyone on knifepoint to keep quiet for the next 5 minutes…your finger hovering over the ‘Record’ button, just waiting for the right moment to press it. XD

I remember how cool I felt when Dad finally bought one of those two-cassette-dock radio and I can make higher quality mixtapes, hahahaha! Oh, the memories!

Alright, rambles over so you can go and grab all the things for your own home.

Happy shopping! ❤


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