Netcafe of Nostalgia
Structure: ✤Garage Shop – Mugen
Balloons, part of ‘dreamers vehicle/cloud express’ RARE – vespertine @ The Dreamers Factory || Ace table – Breno || Zoe Chair – Pine Blue – LISP || iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall || breeze. (tripod fan red-with sound) – *Art Dummy! || Factory Lamp – Five Minutes After || Rug-O-Rama Gacha ‘cassette tape’ & joystick (RARE) – Bokeh || windows & doors set, white – oyasumi || City Walk Linocut Prints – DIGS
(More credits next pic)

“When I was your age, I didn’t have Internet!”

“Back during my days, there are no such things as Wifi.”

“When I was your age, if I wanted Internet, I had to disconnect my phone, mess around with cables, connect the phone cable to the modem, dial-up the modem, and if I want to look up a page about Backstreet Boys, it takes 5 hours to load the first page.”

“Back during my days, we didn’t have Internet at home. If I wanted to use the Internet, I have to go to a Netcafe!”

Ace table – Breno || Zoe Chair – Pine Blue – LISP || iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall || breeze. (tripod fan red-with sound) – *Art Dummy! || ✤Nikka Leather Sofa – ARIA || Bookworm Coffee Table – Consignment || FLF Bookshelves – Zigana || Pipe Lamp – Kuro ||flamingo. (shelf) – *Art Dummy! || ✤pipe magazine rack. iron. – junk || shine. (string lights) – *Art Dummy! ||wanderlust print – floorplan. || ✤Chess Set – Mugen || City Walk Linocut Prints – DIGS

If you remember Netscape and Dialups, you are officially an elderly citizen as far as kids nowadays are concerned. Bonus points if you can remember how DialUp sounds like. How about I refresh your memory?

This post is overdue. I wanted to post it during the weekend, but last weekend was close to being my Apocalypse. SL was borked, Plurk was down and then my Internet was down. I have never felt such intense much First World Devastation in my entire life!

Anyway, let me brag for a bit here. This build I’m using is the Garage Shop from Mugen. Mugen is a new brand, though it is not new-ish. Xero decided to rebrand his store from XTC (no, not the other XTC) into Mugen and one of Mugen’s first offering is…a prefab. WOAH.

mugen\ Garage Shop
Mugen Garage Shop
Source: Xero’s Flickr Stream

I am rather proud of this prefab for a lot of reasons, haha. But the main thing being that it is great to see how a friend progress from making furniture to a full blown prefab. It’s on the smaller size so it’s perfect for a small store or a cafe and ONLY 12 land impact. Xero made it in a way that user can retexture easily, though I didn’t do it because I like to blog things with their natural colour (translation: I’m not the best when it comes to texturing walls).

It is now out at Mugen’s store and you can find the demo here. 😀

It’s getting more and more difficult to end a post without being abrupt nowadays, so I shall leave you with a trailing pause…


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