Apartment of Broken Dreams

Apartment of Broken Dreams
Structure: Grunge Office – ALH
Ceiling: Ventilation pipe-bbqq || ✤repurposed wheel light. bronze. – junk
Left to right: ✤retro arcade machine – rocketwars – [ht] home || Heart Marquee – 7 Emporium || ✤Home Grown – ChiC Buildings || Beer bottles – Theosophy || ✤Fremantle TV  – %Percent || Mesh Art – Gazelle’s Head – ISPACHI || Metal Floor Clock – Alouette || Makeshift Table – CerberusXing || Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove – SOY || Steel Ashtray (part of The Reporter Deko Set) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Cigarette Butts (04) – [NikotiN] || ✤ivan leather rug. – junk || Dress Form – Remarkable Oblivion || ✤Vintage Leather Lounger – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Atelier – Painting Robot – ~*GOD*~ || Marilyn Wall Decor – Breno || ✤repurposed wheel table. iron.-junk. ||BAKE-2 – 19MC || ✤Noor Hookah – Tartessos Arts || ✤Floor lamp (Gourd Tree) – SOY

I had a lot of fun with this! And a disclaimer: smoking, drugs and alcohol are bad for you, mmkay? Grandma Zee do not condone the use and consumption of drugs IRL, mmmkay?

But you are an adult and you make your own decisions about your life, mmmkay?

Gonna ramble about deals here, mmkay?

The Challenge

A lot of the items used here are from The Challenge this round. Every month, homestuff designers build around a theme and put it on sale for a week in their store. The site probably explains it better than I am doing now LOL. This round’s theme is Retro/Vintage, and they might as well call it The Challenge for Bloggers too because Retro/Vintage is not my forte at all. However, the combination of the ‘plant’ *cough* and the Arcade Machine made me decided to go grunge instead.

  • Retro Arcade Machine from [hate this] is meant to be used as a gacha machine. You will need your own script, though.
  • Fremantle TV from %Percent contains 20 retro movie clips. Yes. It plays ’em. It is streamed from websites, which means it works by way of script, which means you don’t need to deed to your group land, which means you will need script enabled on your land. Which means, you definitely need to test this instore before you decide to buy, mmkay?
  • Vintage Leather Lounger from Bauwerk…hnnng, the texturing! That sheen is not ‘shopped. If you view it on Materials-enabled viewer, you’d be drooling too!
  •  Home Grown from ChiC Buildings…made me chuckle for a long time. Again, the sheen of the metal is not ‘shopped. That’s inworld sheen when you enable Materials. I was a bit uncomfortable with using it here, to be honest, but I really couldn’t pass up the chance. XD

Seems like I’m racking up the rebel points this week….let’s move on….

Cheapies and freebies!

  • Dress From from Remarkable Oblivion was a Group Gift. Group costs 50L to join, but you get ALL past and present group gifts. RUN!
  • Metal Floor Clock from Alouette is only 50L for Friday, RUN!
  • Heart Marquee by 7 Emporium is ALSO 50L for this Friday only…so after you head to Alouette, you should RUN TO 7!
  • BAKE-2 from 19MC is probably meant to be ‘BUCKET-2’, because it is…a bucket. See it next to the lounger? It’s free from 19MC store, and there are plenty of freebies on the left side of the stair. RUN!

Happy weekend! ❤


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