All There Is Left

All That Is Left
Dress: Star of Venus II – Meta Theodora
Head accessories: ✤The Queen’s Neck Crown Gold (Common), ✤The Queen’s Headwrap GOLD (Rare), ✤Nose Ring Gold (Common) – 22769~[Bauwerk] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Armlet: Armlet Female (past gacha) – MeshedUp || Bracelet: A Biker’s Toy Cuff Wrist – CerberusXing || Rings: ✤Edge Rings for Slink Casual Hands – Diamante Jewelry
Skin: Vera – Glam Affair || Hands: Mesh Hands Casual – Slink || Manicure: ✤Noise Slink Nails Applier in Gunmetal – The Horror! || Jar (not a wearable!) : Marimo – Soy
Pose: Artemisia – Pipit

 Earth is no more. The planet is dead.


This is the only thing we managed to salvage.

This is all there is left.



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