Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple
Structure: Starter Apartment – ON*SU
L’Air Frais (fan) – Apple Fall || Sudare LightBrown – Zacca (not available) || Meredith Curtains – Mudhoney
✤Lydia sofa – ARIA @ C88 ||geekbook/woody – vespertine || Sketchbook – PILOT & JIM || Backgammon Set – Tartessos Arts || metal floor lamp – floorplan || ✤bartlet rug. one. – junk @ TMD || ✤Lydia Coffee Table – ARIA @ C88 || tea for 2 day set – keke || summer tray w flowers – keke || Design Books – Apple Fall || ✤Chair [Connection dream] – Soy || Homer Canvas – floorplan @ C88 || Chinese Credenza – Apple Fall || Blossom Vase – Dysfunctional Designs || Geometric Wall Art – PILOT || Nautical Map Frame – floorplan || Olsen Television Unit – DIGS || ✤Hugh’s Cabinet – Kuro || Orchids Natural Pink – Kalopsia || Simple Glass Shelf – GUDU || SmartPod – GUDU || Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Half-Deer


Let it be known, that this room looks so easy, but it wasn’t particularly easy…for ME.

This decoration was an assignment. Someone wanted a SLiving space that could be just that: a living space. No clutter. No ‘artistic mess’. Nothing. Just the basics…but not quite basic.

How could you ask that of a homeblogger? *dies*

So I rezzed about 1 million things on the floor, just to delete ’em. Thankfully, Kuro’s Hugh Cabinet is cluttered enough to assuage my tormented soul.

If we homebloggers ask you what is the one thing you find annoying about us, what would you say?

“UnSLivable space!”, perhaps?

Here are some things you should know about homebloggers, in general. At least, when it comes to me and the ones I hang out with:

  1. Unless we are partnered, we don’t actually have a home. We don’t live in any of our homes. SLife is too short, and there are too many houses to commit to one! We’re platform dwellers…with many homes. XD
  2. We usually don’t test the furniture we use. (I need to change this habit though, since a lot have asked me questions!)
  3. Telling us ‘no clutters, please’ is akin to stabbing us with a blunt knife, and then twisting it while it’s jammed deep inside us. This is SL, WE WANT CLUTTERS, DAMNIT!
  4. Please be specific when you request information on builds. Asking us “Can you tell me a good skybox?” will return many results. “Can you tell me a good skybox with one room” might narrow it down, but not by much.
  5. Basically, if you ask a homestuff question, be prepared to be given a list…
  6. …or be prepared to have a 5 hour conversation about it.
  7. No. Seriously.

I’m decorating something else now and it would be back to my old cluttered SL self.

And you will have to like it, kapish?


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