Weekends at Grandma’s

Hello weekend! How is everyone doing this weekend? 😀

I realized one thing.

We (as in personal ‘we’, not general ‘we’) always say ‘going to Grandma’s’ and hardly ever say ‘going to Grandpa’s’….I wonder why?

Ok, random thoughts over. On to the pic. LOL

Weekends at Grandma's
✤Water Tower Hangout – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Garden || ✤Gabled Barn – HAIKEI @ Kustom9 || Hurley Rural Garage – POST
Others: Builders Parade Crawler Crane (no longer available) – Balaclava! || Valiano Fountain – Trompe Loeil || Aman Flower Set – GOD || Overgrown Plank Pathway – Dysfunctional Designs || Sweet Garden Grass03 – orange C – HPMD || GRASS (old group gift) – Fanatik || Garden Trees – HPMD || Wooden Fence (group gift)- Soy

I had MAJOR fun decorating around Haikei’s Garbled Barn (available from Kustom9 this round). I decorated outside and inside and I’d like to show you the outside first for now. Maybe next post, I’ll show you the decor inside but I can’t promise because I’m already decorating another thing! XD

Have you been to The Garden this round? The theme is Route 66 and it will be open til Sept 10…and that is where you should go if you fancy a Water Tower for yourself. 😀

Pro-tip: uber event theme is Apocalypse for this round, so I’m telling you right now that items from uber will go well with this water tower!

Cuck Cluck Oink Oink
Grass (old group gift) – FANATIK || Garden Tree06 – HPMD || windows & doors set / white – oyasumi || pumpkin ale crate set – floorplan || Chicken Coop Building (also with chickens and sounds!) – Dysfunctional Designs @ We ❤ RP || Rustic Farm Set (chickens, pigs) – Old World || ✤fresh egg and fresh milk sign – junk || Pansy Fence Planter – Alouette || Herb Garden set – Sari-Sari (sim under construction) || ✤Antique garden tile sink – Soy || ✤suitcase planter – yellow – light soil – shutterfield || ✤salvaged tractor table – junk || Rose Bush – Potted – Dysfunctional Designs

* Note: Sari-Sari’s store is under reconstruction, so I’ll post the SLurl when they re-open it to the public. 

Have you guys been to We ❤ RP yet? Dysfunctional Designs made this HILARIOUS chicken coop set and I kid you not when I said hilarious. There’s an ‘obnoxious chicken’ in the set and I didn’t get why at first. I mean, it looked just like any other chicken in the set…until you hear the noise. Hahahaha!

Included in the set is also a feeding bag to animate you to feed the chickens and also a rake. If you’re an RP person in SL, this might not surprise you at all…but I found it both immersive and hilarious, I love this set! If you need to know more than I can tell you, read it here.

Moo Cows at Grandma's
Wooden Fence (group gift) – Soy || Garden Tree06 – HPMD || Aman Flower Set – GOD || Grass (group gift) – Fanatik || ✤Tire Chair – Kuro || Stepside Bed – Consignment || Hurley Rural Garage + Rural Gas Tank – POST || Rustic Farm Set (haystack, chickens and pigs) – Old World || Static Cows with Calf and Sounds – Sweet Revolutions || Old Spigot / Water Trough – POST

I decorated this as my Man looked over my shoulder and this happened.

Yes, yes, I know you don’t usually let livestock roam around freely and in a haphazard manner. Let’s just pretend I’m rearing SL Kobe Beef and freedom is important to them, haha.

Also. This is SL. My cows will roam as free as they like. HARRUMMPFFF!


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