The Artist Formerly Known as Catlady

The Artist Formerly Known As Catlady
Structure: ✤Sand-Sprayed {SkyBox} – HAIKEI
Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil
The rest of the credits under the two closeup pics

I think I’ve been spending too much time with Xanthe and her pastel pinkiness is starting to rub off on me. This is dangerous.

I must return to dystopialand soon or I will forever be stuck in pastel gardenland.

So, how is your weekend looking? 😀 Are there any cats on your horizon? Haha.

I’m not much of a catlady. I’d rather be a crazy doglady but you can deny all the cats this month are so cute. Even Arcade seems overruned by the feline species like this and this.

Time To Play
Clock: ✤Fishercat – Kuro @ OneWord
Canvas Rack – Apple Fall || Wood Easel & Canvas Art – vespertine || ✤round rug. yellow flower. – junk @ Kustom9 || Ashford Art Desk – 11th Hour ||Cat – 04 Stretched On Back (gacha) – fashionably dead @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || Anti Gravity – Mix 2 – Pixel Mode || Silvia standing art – ARIA

This cat clock by Kuro will make the inner catlady in you purr. In fact, where it is available at will be the purrfect venue for any cat ladies because the OneWord theme for this round is…cats!

The clock is a functioning clock and you can set your own time to it.

Silvia standing art – ARIA || ✤Gretchen floor lamp – RARE – ARIA @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || WallArt [Life is like photography] – Sway’s || ✤Parma drafting table – ARIA @ TMD || ✤Colored chair – Kuro || Potterys Wheel – Plaaka || Wark Bench – Plaaka || ✤Nikka wall art – ARIA || ✤Colored wall art – Kuro || ✤oddity vases. earth. – junk || Trojan Horse Fragment – Apple Fall || Gazelle’s Head – ISPACHI || ✤ari stool. sunny. – junk || artistic tray – vespertine || ✤Color me Cat – Paws Painting – Black Tulip || (fd) Cat – 11 Sitting – fashionably dead @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || ✤round rug. floral. – junk @ Kustom9 || ✤Retro curtain – Kuro

While we’re on the subject of cats, Black Tulip has made the perfect set for colourful and urban cat ladies (a line I never thought I’d ever use in my lifetime). I’ve used the Paw Painting from the set here but if you’re interested to see it in full (+all the other offerings for The Challenge this round), check out The Challenge post. Colours and cats, it’s catlady heaven!

The inspiration for this pic came from Plaaka’s sculpting/pottery set. Plaaka is a new-to-me store and already I’m loving it. The ‘feel’ of Plaaka is Japanese-Scandinavian minimalism and Zazie Daviau creates an atmosphere of satisfied solitude. You can’t see the set clearly in my pic and I didn’t use everything, but here’s the pic from Zazie’s Flickr:

Source: Zazie Daviau Flickr
Visit Plaaka!

Isn’t it beautiful? So if you have time this weekend, treat yourself and visit Plaaka! 😀



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