The Boys & Girl

The Boys & Girl
Bigger size here
✤The Boys & Girls set (The girl, Sexy!, Oh no!, Oopsie and Look!) – Kuro
✤Arlette picnic blanket, Arlette decorative cheese platter & Arlette  Sweet Pea bouquet – ARIA
Mouse – Light Tea – MishMish || Aman – Yellow – Medium Patch – ~*GOD*~ || GRASS – Fanatik || Oak Tree (green1) – [europa]

I couldn’t resist, guys. These cuties are just so damn mischievous.

Kuro moved to a new location! 😀 And as a celebration to the new location, these wooden babies are out for free for Kuro Journal Group members. If you’re not a member, however, you can still buy these cuties inworld but don’t forget to go to the new location and not the old one. 😀

So, Zee is here to help you guys out with pickup lines. If you’re painting the town red this coming weekend, how about you and your wingmen prep yourselves and school yourselves with this Pick Up Line Generator?

It’ll give you gems such as this:

Generated by Pick Up Line Generator

Woaaaah, settle down there, tiger.

Girls, do pick up lines work on you? I don’t really get the use of pickup lines. I mean, how hard is it to just talk to someone you fancy and not tarnish it with stupid nonsensical lines? Life is not a Simpsons cartoon, ok?

Pickup lines are actually a dealbreaker for me, they never work on me. I always find pickup lines cheesy and hilarious and after anyone use it on me, I can’t take them seriously anymore.

So guys, perhaps a simple ‘hey, how are you?’ will suffice. And then go from there, eh?


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