Autumn Lake House

Working On an Autumn Lakehouse
Bigger and clearer pic here!
Structure: ✤Outdoor Open House – HAIKEI @ Kustom9

It’s that time of the year where people start posting Autumn pics, eh? 😀

How are you, lovelies? I hope everyone is well. Be warned, I have breathing room this week so you know what to expect now…ramble time!

 If you’re ready to turn over your virtual space for autumn, check out the Outdoor Open House from HAIKEI. It’s available at Kustom9 this round.

I’m experimenting something with this post.


Autumn Lake House: Ingredients!
Enchanted Woods v2 (seasons change)- Studio Skye || Bergamot Square Decking – Warm Oak – LISP || Crane the Lightbringer – Gold – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (green) – Soy. || ✤Chair [in town of Camaguey] sky – Soy + SKBIO @ Atelier Kreslo || ✤tealight bucket. purple. – junk || ✤step ladder shelf. first aid. – junk. @ Kustom9 || The Raft (animated)- Sari-Sari || Creeping Wall Vine (texture change)- Dysfunctional Designs

I get asked daily where to get certain items. “Where can I get this item I see in your Flickr/blog?” It helps my ego massively that people are convinced to buy anything from my blog, but I have to admit that constantly getting IMs like this was starting to get to me. Not to mention the capping that I get when people IM en masse, despite me saying in my profile that sending me an NC or an email would be an easier option.

I assumed people were lazy to read and I admit I was slightly disappointed by it. The most tedious thing in Second Life blogging is the credits and it’s offputting to feel that all that work you’ve done with crediting is overlooked.

HOWEVER. A conversation with a dear friend gave me a new insight. That I might be at fault here.

Ok. So. I admit that us homebloggers can be one of the most annoying creatures on this metaverse planet. Rezzing everything and crediting everything but not specifying what it is we’re crediting.

There are some awesome homebloggers who are more diligent and helpful in their crediting, clearly labeling things such as “Chair: so and so by so and so”. Most designers also name their items helpfully such as “climbing vines” or “neon chairs”. But what if you come across a blogpost with 20 different chairs? And what if you come across blogposts that uses things from Apple Fall (for example) and you don’t know which item in that picture is the “L’Air Frais”?

(It’s a fan, by the way. An amazing fan at that).

We also credit EVERYTHING and by everything I mean “even things that were rezzed yonder, that thee cannot see in this picture, unless thee be having good eyesighteh”. So not only do you poor readers have to deal with finding out what chair is called what, you also need to figure out if this particular chair is the one you were looking at!

So, I hope that doing some crediting this way will be helpful in the future. Sure, it’s extra work, but not by much. And if it makes you buy things quicker to prettify your house without having to wait for me to log and reply, then it’s a BONUS, right? 😀

That said, I am always happy to answer any questions that hasn’t been answered by any of my posts. 😛 I hope this does not frighten anyone to contact me if they need clarification on anything. I’d be talking to an empty room without you lovely readers and I intend to keep you all forever in this room, mmkay?


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