The Night is Still Young

10.35pm...the night is still young
✤Wall Display – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Garden || ✤Sorrel decorated console bar – ARIA @ || ✤Vogue Lamp (006) Patina/Pearl – Volstead || ✤Hand o’clock – Kuro ||✤half man(nequin) – junk @ The Arcade Sept ’14 || ✤Broken mask – Kuro || Find your bearings (wallart) – Breno|| ✤Three legged chair [brass] – Soy @ TMD Sept ’14 || ✤Octopus Heels Gold – 22769 ~ [femme]
I was supposed to post this yesterday, but then pizza arrived and the rest is history.

You know how it goes. 😀

This one started out as a challenge. I wanted to see if I could decorate a scene with just 5 items.

As you can see, the ‘5 items’ limit didn’t happen. But hey, at least I got it under 10, right?

I’m heading to work in the next 30 mins, so I shall keep this brief!

Walled in…

Is it just me, or do y’all also think that SL needs more faux-items? You know, things such as faux windows, faux doors and even faux wall? The walls is made out of…well, wall display, haha. 22769~[bauwerk] made this sci-fi-esque wall feature for The Garden this round (the theme being Technologic). I think they intended for it to be used as a small, wall-feature because the original size was smaller. But hey, it’s SL so of course I’m going to use the wall as a…erm…wall. Crazychef blogged a clearer pic of it here or check it out in his Flickr for better resolution. 😀

One Man’s junk is another man’s…

Have you been to Arcade yet? You have less than a week before this season’s of Arcade closes and if you do, make sure you grab the half man(nequin) from junk there. Here’s the gacha key for the things you can win from the machine. 😀 And here’s your direct TP to junk’s machine!, desu! is a new-to-me event and when I look up more info for it, it turns out that this is only their second round. So I’m not missing much, I hope! It’s an event to celebrate Japanese creators on the grid and/or Japanese aesthetics (which is why you’ll see some non-Japanese designers in it). More info about the event from the official site here.

The Sorrel Console Bar by ARIA is available at this round and as usual, it’s texture change. 😀 GRAB IT! It comes with everything you see on it except for the lamp, which brings me to…

This Lamp, Much Sexy, Such Vogue…wow!

This sexy, sexy lamp from Volstead was released last month and I have nothing else to say about it but “hhhnnngggggg!” You need this. Yes. YOU DO.

Gives you a hand in telling the time 

Kuro has been in a clock-stage lately. No, really. Have you seen the cat clocks?  We do need more clocks in SL (LOL). This Hand O’Clock is a working clock. How many times did the word ‘clock’ occurred in this sentence?

Speaking of time…I need to head to work right about now so if I miss anything and you need more info, feel free to let me know! ❤


6 thoughts on “The Night is Still Young

  1. […] recently. I was also inspired by the awesome Zee. She did the impossible by limiting herself to less than 10 items in a deco post. I figured I could try a softer look,as a challenge, of course. I don’t think I did too bad […]

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