The ALSA Ice Bucket Challenge in Second Life

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in SL
Grandma Zee braving the ice cold assault for ALSA
Go on dearies, make Granzee proud by doing it too and win L$ prizes!
Little Granny avatar by The Secret Store, available at the souvenir area @ Havenhallow

Hello my dearies! Grandma Zee here, and hoping all of you youngins are behaving yourselves today!

A few weeks ago, Granzee was nominated by Juno Mantel to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Well, guess what dearies? I did it! It took grandma quite a long time to make the journey to the event venue, what’s with all the hills and whatnots. Oh dear. Better late than never, right?

I’m touched to see designers donating their items to the cause with 100% proceed going to the ALSA. You can see the items on offer from Seraphim’s coverage of the event here. At time of writing, the Fair has raised L$100k to the cause. Woohoo!

Now dearies, if you would do Grandma a huge favour and maybe win some L$ yourself…

I am taking my picture in the Artisan Fantasy photo backdrop, available at The Ice Bucket Challenge Fair. You can buy the backdrop for 450L or you can just use the one provided at the fair. I bought my bucket (it was only 150L) and I also bought the badge because my as pretty as my cardigan is dearie, I love to accessorize.

Oh yes, Granzee is very fehshunable, as you youngins will say nowadays.

I’m not done, my poppets!

As part of the event, some generous sponsors have pooled money to reward phototakers:

1st prize 5kL$

2nd prize 3kL$

3rd prize 2KL$

4th prize 1500L$

5th prize 750L$

All you have to do is buy a bucket from the photobooth, take a picture like Granzee just did there and upload it to the Flickr Pool here on or before 10th October. Nominate 3 other people to do the same and you’ll be in the running!

But take note: only pictures taken using the official Alsa Ice Bucket will be taken into consideration so make sure you use the official bucket (you can buy it from the vendor on top of the photobooth, Granzee is short and didn’t see it at first, dearies!).

No Flickr account? Send your pic fullperm to Titania Halasy and she will upload it for you!

So what are you waiting for? Go make grandma proud, run my poppets, ruuuuun!

++TP to The Ice Bucket Challenge Fair!++


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