Crow Nest Cafe

Crow Nest Cafe
Rocky Cliffs – Studio Skye
✤The Crow Nest Coffee House – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ FaMESHed Oct 2014 (modded, see the original here)
Bali DOCK – 8f8 || The Stage – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
See the rest of the credit in the next pic.

Oh, the heat!

Hello lovelies, how is everyone doing? Cooler than I am at the moment, I hope! It’s coming to summer my side of the world and boy oh boy, do I wish I was in this pic in RL.

/me fans self and lugs Gatorade.

A conversation I had with The Man last night, while I was decorating this, made me super paranoid about this pic. The Crow Nest Cafe from 22769~[bauwerk] is available at FaMESHed this month, and it was not meant to sit on the water. Like so. I showed it to The Man before I did anything with it, cos I like showing him things he has no interest in (LOL) but hey, he loves architecture, he really liked the build and then he left me to my own decorating device.

I wanted a water cafe with live music feel, and the only way I could get everything in one pic properly was to make the cafe on water level. So I unlinked and removed the stairs, the pillars and the railings. I was happily decorating away, til The Man peeked into what I was doing.

“What happened to the cafe?”

“Oh, I made it into a water cafe!” I said proudly, cos damnit, I was feeling genius and accomplished, ok!

“But what if there’s a high tide?” he mused. “Isn’t that why they built it on stilts in the first place?”


I live under my decorating rock so I’m pretty sure there are no such thing as high and low tides in SL….right?

I guess all of you are gonna have to check the tides calendar before coming to my cafe.

“How will the musicians get on the floating stage? Maybe you should put a bridge from the deck to the stage…”

OK. I changed my mind. I would like him to be less interested in my decorating hobby…

Crow Nest Cafe: DIY
Hanging Lanterns With Posts (warm) – {what next} || Cafe Sandwich Boards (wood) – {what next} || Larkin Set – Hanging Chair 1 – PILOT || Mums in Bucket – mix – MudHoney || house terrarium/spring-{vespertine} || ✤Vintage float – Kuro || The Stage (Audience Buoy included in set)- 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Kepler Telescope – LISP || shark chalkboard – floorplan || Happy Motor Boating – 7 Emporium || Portable Marquee (alphabets sold separately)- 7 Emporium
As usual, clearer and more detailed list of items used!

(Do I spoil you guys or what? I hope you don’t come to expect this next time…)

And remember, the Crow Nest Cafe is at FaMESHed this month so go and get your own water cafe too.

Happy shopping! ❤


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