Peace and Serenity

Forest Reading Room
Bigger size on Flickr

No words today, my dearies. No ‘DIY’ itemised credits too for today. A bit occupied with rebuilding our little shopping region (coming soooon) and this was just something I put together to de-stress from that project.

I hope you’ll forgive me!

Back very soon. ❤

P.S: The stool and the dresser I used as a sidetable is from junk. It’s an exclusive edition for N21 this round and will not be sold again after Nov 10th, so make sure you grab it from N21 event before it ends! What is N21 event? Find out here.


Structure: Fiona Greenhouse – Trompe Loeil

EnvironmentEnchanted Woods v2 (seasons change)- Studio Skye

✤vintage dresser. – junk @ N21 (exclusive version, will not be sold after Nov 10th)

✤[A book epiphany] My precious! (gacha) – Kuro

Lykke & Astronomer’s Set (Newton’s Cradle, Table Lamp and Study Journal on the sofa) – DIGS

✤Triangle Terrarium [icosahedron] silver-Rare (gacha) – Soy

✤Dierdra set (Diedra sofa, Diedra coffee table & Diedra  deco old books) – ARIA

Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter – Organica

✤[A book epiphany] Book mobile (gacha) – Kuro

On Diedra coffee table:

tea cup – restore (from tea for 2 set) – [keke]

My Dear Clementine – Teawood

Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Red – Half-Deer

Bird Nerd – Book & Binoculars – Lark (store under reconstruction and currently unavailable)

✤cage stool. – junk @ N21 (exclusive version, will not be sold after Nov 10th)

✤[A book epiphany] His books – Kuro


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