The Bachelor Pad

The Bachelor Pad
Structure: The Little Warehouse Skybox – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Bed: ✤Code Bed – Tartessos Arts || Cityscape: Cityscape Surround – ChiC Buildings
Left✤repurposed wagon light. – junk || SmartPod – GUDU || ✤Expressive rugs (boom, pow & bang) – hate this || ✤Drum table – Kuro || ✤mine chair – hate this || ✤Code Guitar Stand – Tartessos Arts || Sexy Silhouettes – PILOT || Marilyn Wall Decor – Breno || Industrial lighting – floorplan || the moon – mijn home
Right: Books – Apple Fall || ✤t-frame light – junk || Find your bearings (wallart) – Breno || ✤Code Locker – Tartessos Arts

Good Lawwwwd almighteeeh!

I am so glad it’s the weekend. Can we please have 6 weekends and 1 weekday?

How are you, dearies? Was your Halloween full of joy and candies? Did you rock your costumes?

Are you reading this hungover? XD

We don’t celebrate Halloween here in good ol Kangaroo Land but that never stopped me from stocking up on the sweets just in case, you know? And if no one comes knocking on my door to trick-or-treat then hey, I have all the candies to myself. Surely I cannot let it go to waste! 😛

No ‘key’ today because I’m this close to typing on the laptop keys with my face.

On a separate note, can you believe it’s already NOVEMBER? Where did the rest of the year went? *hyperventilates*

Alright. I better get ready for bed before I faceplant on this desk.

Happy 1st of November, everyone, and have a lovely weekend! ❤


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